April 11th, 2016 in Blog

Donation to a British Horse Society Challenge Rider

We are very happy to sponsor Amy in a 185km endurance horse ride to raise money for the British Horse Society. The challenge horse rides sees a team of fundraisers ride across Iceland to raise money for the British Horse Society.

The endurance horse riding trek sees riders spend up to 6 hours a day in the saddle. Trekking across often tough and uneven terrain in the picturesque Icelandic landscape. Sound easy? Horse and rider fitness is paramount in completing the trek with riders looking after and riding up to four mounts per day.

Amy decided to take on the challenge following the loss of her horse of 7 years. It looks likely her horse’s untimely death was a result of liver poisoning. This type of harm is often a result of ragwort poisoning. A silent killer which is little know as a highly toxic and harmful plant to many animals and humans.

All of this made fundraising for the British Horse Society (BHS) the perfect choice. The BHS campaign to raise awareness of the toxic plant and help horse owners in land management, removal and disposal. All this is alongside the charities wider work ensuring the health and wellbeing of horses in this country.

We had previously worked with Amy in completing an audit style review of her employer’s websites. Amy commented “SEO Co-Pilot were a joy to work with I arrived with a problem, which Guy listened to and answered better than I could have anticipated.” Finally commenting “I had approached a couple of companies about completing a website review but SEO Co-Pilot showed straight away that they willing to listen and explain far better than the rest… I would, and have recommended since”

We would like to wish Amy the best of luck on her adventure… and would maybe advise some padded shorts to help with the numb bums that will be a big feature of the ride we’re sure!