Evoke Hair Clinic Launch Case Study

The Brief

New company seeks an effective online and offline profile to quickly generate enquiries and sales. The owners of Evoke Hair Clinic approached SEO CoPilot looking for a website that would quickly generate sales for their new business – a revolutionary new service called Scalp Micro pigmentation. The two entrepreneurs had never started a business of this magnitude online before and were pleased to find that we were able to help them with a great deal more than just a website.


Step 1 – Branding and Logo

Evoke Hair Clinic logoAdam Richards and Dan Markham had some very definite ideas about the look they wanted to create –  modern and forward thinking. They really wanted to emphasise the letter ‘E’ and use it as an icon. They also were very sure that the company’s branding would be based around the colour blue. After much collaboration we eventually arrived at the perfect solution for both and could move on to the next step.




evoke website screenshot on macStep 2 – Website

Visitor Conversion

As with all our websites, we focus on Visitor Conversion and in-built SEO. We know that the treatment Evoke provide is life changing, and not to be entered into lightly. It also represents a significant financial investment on the part of the customer. To this end we knew we needed to present Evoke and professional and trustworthy, and draw attention to the vast benefits the treatments affords the clients. Not only this, but we could see the importance of helping visitors understand exactly what the treatment involved.




The sales funnel involves the following steps

  • What the treatment is
  • How it has helped other people
  • Making the treatment affordable with 0% finance

Only when the visitor clearly understood these three areas would they be ready to buy – clear calls to action are of course required, in this case a phone call or to book a consultation. The mobile version also includes a ‘Click to call us’ button.

By taking the potential client in detail through the process, familiarising them with the premises and the team they would meet and constantly reassuring them with positive testimonials all backed up by a clean, modern look give the visitor the confidence and knowledge to take the next step and book a consultation.

The Evoke Hair clinic team photoSEO

The other important aspect of building the site was Search Engine Optimisation – giving the site the best chance of ranking in search engine results.

A few of these include:

  • Good responsive version for mobile devices with easy to navigate buttons
  • Fast loading speeds to increase conversions
  • Title, Meta and Alt tags on pages and images
  • Sitemaps and privacy policy pages included
  • Optimised, content rich pages

These is just a very small sample of what is needed to successfully launch a website and as this is a case study to give an overview we wont go into all the work we carried out for Evoke.


Branding extended into Social Media

We could see that social media would be an important part of the marketing for Evoke. We created professional looking and inspiring header images for all the social accounts we created for them and continue to post images consistent with the branding that inspire viewers to find out more about the centre.

social media evoke
evoke banner



evoke treatment centerStep 3 – Offline Marketing and Branding

We have also taken Evokes marketing and branding offline with

  • Signage
  • Banners
  • Print

The logo has been installed in the clinic giving the rooms a very professional look, backed up by pop up banners. As with a website, it’s important for visitors to the premises to have a positive first impression and the lads have worked very hard to achieve this.



Design and Print

We have also provided Evoke with design and print of flyers to extend the reach of the marketing campaign. The deadline for delivery of the print after approval of design was very tight, however we were able to deliver the material well before time leaving Adam and Dan free to finish fitting the clinic prior to opening.

evoke print one


Launching a new business is a stressful time. Evoke were confident that they had the best tools to take the company’s marketing forward to a successful launch and we worked very hard to meet deadlines and ensure that our involvement was as smooth and easy as possible, leaving Adam and Dan free to work on the business launch. The lads are very grateful for our efforts and have affirmed that all our predictions and assurances have come to fruition, with the clinic successfully launched and and growing list of satisfied clients.

We continue to work with Evoke, helping boost their social profiles and assisting running the blog.