Case Study – UK Underfloor Heating Website Design Case Study

Client: UK Underfloor Heating

Brief: Website redesign to improve SEO and visitor conversion


The Problem

This successful Sheffield company had been selling their products online for a while before contacting us. Their initial enquiry was for us to improve traffic to the site with SEO, hoping that this would increase sales. However, we quickly realised that the website could be improved to convert more of the traffic into customers.

The site looked a little dated, and there were formatting errors on the page that didn’t portray the company as a professional, trusted supplier. We needed to get away from the image the site was giving the company, and create a proper sales funnel that guided the visitors to the desired goal – make a purchase and increasing profits.


before uk underfloor


uk underfloor after

The Solution

Firstly, we improved the look of the site by neatening up the layout – it just didn’t look finished in our opinion.  There were large gaps on the page, the information boxes looked untidy, all in different sizes, and nothing on the site made the brand look appealing or professional. We needed to smarten everything up, give the right first impression and show information and choices that made the process to a sale easy.


Colour and Branding

UK Underfloor Logo design

The logo was redesigned to sharpen the edges and maintain colour consistency

We added some consistent typography – the font Open Sans was chosen as it looks clean and professional, but different enough from the run-of-the-mill Arial and Verdana fonts that we see so often to add some style to the branding.

The colours in the company’s branding were already pleasant- deep blue and red. These were a good choice from the original designer, as red gives a sense of urgency and value, whereas blue lends an air of trust and authority. Overall, the colour scheme was giving off the right messages, and we intended to utilise these to the max. We kept the background of the site a nice, clean, professional white and added blue to the header, navigation and to the information boxes above and below the main content – the relaxing, confident blue establishes trust. Calls to action were then added with deep red buttons. The deep red is important, as a bright red may look cheap and shout a little too much, but a deep red tempers this urgency with an air of quality and confidence.

All good so far – we are giving visitors confidence in our brand, with a hint of value and urgency, we are setting the scene for that sale!

The Message


Slider with readable textThe animated slider has SEO readable text and clickable call to action buttons

The next step was to get the message across. The site had some very nice images in a thin slider at the top of the page. Incidentally – we think a wide, thin slider is the best shape for lots of reasons. It works better from an SEO point of view, giving us the chance to get some all-important text above the fold. If there was no writing above the fold, Google may judge the site as spammy, as many advert banners are just images and these are usually found on poor quality affiliate websites, and we don’t want to be associated with those!

We added some animated text to the slider and calls to action buttons, and made sure that the heading for the three info boxes was showing. The messages on the three info boxes was very important – we needed to:

  • Wow the visitor with some innovative technology – “Smartphone Control”
  • Show the core product – “Floating Floors”
  • Tell them they could afford it – “Unbeatable Value”

We let the images in these boxes trail off below the fold, ensuring that the visitor would know that there is more information to be seen further down the page.

We then used the main body to explain the product and added more information boxes after this content to again explain the value of the product and installation information.

These boxes work in different ways. The top set are for visitors who are further into the buying process, going either directly to the online store or to see the fun tech pages. The bottom three take the visitor to the company’s extensive information and installation instructions for visitors who need reassurance on how easy the systems are to install, or who are in need of assistance.


Conversion to Responsive Web Design

We gave the mobile version of the site a completely different function. We identified that there are two types of visitors to the site, those who want to make a purchase and those who have already made a purchase and are in need of assistance. The first thing mobile visitors get are the two big buttons – call for assistance or ask for a quotation. Easy choices make happy visitors.


Inner Pages

The inner pages benefited from a side bar that again outlined the choices available, and the look and images of the sidebar add some colour and interest to pages that are sometimes a little plain, having large chunks of technical information on them. We had some room to add more choices here, identifying that we could split the customer group into two – those who were mildly interested enough to enquire but needed some ballpark prices, and those who were sure of what they wanted and had building plans to submit for a more accurate quotation. We also added the cool smartphone, and the help lines.


Online Store

The online store was improved by adding SagePay cart functionality. Previously the store took visitors off site to look at and purchase items, and we brought everything on-site to improve SEO and help make the journey to a sale easier for visitors. Having everything, including the payment gateways on site also makes it easier for visitors to navigate back to the site if they need to.


Conclusion – Website Re-Design – Onwards to Success!

Overall the site’s improved look and functionality make for a much more pleasant visitor experience and we fully expect the improved traffic to the site to show vastly improved conversion rate. We anticipate a dramatic increase in sales as we work on the organic SEO and PPC campaigns, with the improved site aiding sales as it converts visitors to customers. UK Underfloor are highly satisfied with their re-designed website.

Uk Underfloor heating device mockups

More Updates! – Onwards and Upwards

We worked with the client closely and arrived at the conclusion that another website redesign is needed to help UK Underfloor Heating reach their new sales objectives, the new website redesign consisted of a complete overhaul of the previous design, including a more customisable and user friendly online store. The new site version has been created with one focus and that is to increase sales, content, calls to action and the structure all lead the visitor to make a buying decision very quickly.

We recommended a redesign of the site as the client was wanting to invest more than when we first started the project for them, sales had increased and they wanted to reinvest to take them to the next level. The homepage image above the fold is the critical element, evoking feelings of warmth, comfort and security.

We also changed the calls to action to segment the two customer groups the firm sells to, and added a stylish sidebar to encompass the full range of benefits, information and offers that the business could offer. Without giving away too many secrets we have again managed to increase the company’s sales.