About SEO Copilot

Many modern business owners recognise the essential part that online marketing plays in running a company today. We all want the Internet to be a source of new business, and we’ve all bought into the dream of “Your business open 24 hours a day”, and realised the reality – yes we are open, but no-one is buying.

SEO CoPilot are here to steer your business towards online success. We have a wealth of experience in modern marketing and we’ve helped clients improve their acquisition of new business using:
Better results in Google search results from meticulous, precise and practical SEO

  • Traffic Conversion with better Web Design
  • Higher exposure through social media
  • Brand management with graphic design
  • Offline awareness and consistent representation through Print and Design


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is often regarded as a ‘black art’ – there are no official guidelines or rules and many so called SEO companies can do your business more harm than good, or at best are just inept and offer no real benefit to your business for their monthly fee.


SEO CoPilot are different.

We use our own tried and tested SEO methods to promote your business in search engine results. We’ll tell you that there is no overnight success, and there is no magic silver bullet to put your business ahead of the competition except, meticulous, exact and 100% safe SEO that builds you a firm foundation to profit for better placement in Google Search.

We know though experience how many different factors affect your business online, from the quality of the copy on your website, to how your company is represented in directories, maps and social media. We realised a long time ago that there is no one-size-fits-all solution that can be applied to any and all businesse and work closely with you to find what works best in your own particular niche and help implement the strategy to maximum effect.

There is no quick answer to improving search engine rankings, but we are sure you will agree that building an effective, sustainable and rock solid online profile that is risk free is far more beneficial to your business. SEO is like creating a fine wine – it takes time, bitter experience andhard work, but the results are so much sweeter for it!


Web Design

Website Design and SEO go hand in hand, although they are not the same! We have a web design department that are as skilled in design and coding as any agency. But when you combine graphic design flair with the more important belief that customer conversion is the main purpose of a website, then you have an online tool that really excels!

Our web design ethos is that a website should achieve a specific goal for the company. We look very closely at your business and target market to devise a design and layout that will draw visitors to the inevitable conclusion, making a purchase or getting in touch to start a conversation with you.

Each site is tailor made and fully compliant to Google’s latest standards of content, speed and device responsiveness to ensure you have the best chance of beating the competition to the top spot.


Your dependable business partner

We are a full service business and can help you with other important areas of online and offline marketing, be it reviews, social media or design and print. Our team of dedicated, talented individuals are passionate about their craft and about the success of your business and we do everything we can to help you succeed. To help you grow your business is the best reward we can ask for!

We are confident that you will find all our services useful and profitable for your business and it is our wish that we can become your ‘go to’ source for all your marketing needs, from invaluable consulting to a business card you can be proud of!

Contact SEO CoPilot today for the answer to all your online and offline marketing and you’ll benefit from the difference we make!