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Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

Why do I Need to Optimise my Website?

If you’ve ever built a website and found that you get no traffic from it at all (or very little), this will be because no one actually knows about your site! Optimising a website means making it visible in search engine results pages, bringing the traffic you need to your website and the boost you would like to your profits.


How Does it get Optimised?

SEO CoPilot is a very experienced search engine optimisation service provider who knows that time equals money! We want to get your site flying, and fast. We know the techniques needed to show your site to the online world. Search engine optimisation is much more than just metatags and keywords though. Search engines continually evolve, so our team of experts keep up to date with the constant changes to the World Wide Web and relentlessly strive to improve the strategies needed to get your website where it deserves to be. This allows you to do what you do – sell your products and services; and we will do what we do best – optimise all that you have to offer. We will bring customers to you, and we have a fantastic portfolio to prove it!


What is the Difference Between On-Page and Off-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is work that is done on your website’s pages. This includes optimising the pages, adding quality content and ensuring the right keywords are in the right places.
Off-page SEO, on the other hand, involves article marketing, link building, social media etc


Will I get More Traffic?

Experience has consistently shown that optimised sites bring in much more traffic to a website than non-optimised sites, and consequently boost sales.


Will I get to the Number One Position in the Search-Engine Results Pages?

No one can guarantee this as it depends on many factors, for example the product or service you are selling and how much competition there is out there offering similar services. However, we have found that all our sites have ranked highly, usually in the top five positions of Google.


How Much Does it Cost to Optimise a Site?

This depends very much on how much work needs to be done. A poor website will need more work, as will one with strong competition and which keywords are used. At SEO Copilot we offer a variety of options to suit your needs and budget.


Can I do it Myself?

Many of our customers have had a go at tackling their own SEO but don’t have the in-depth knowledge or time to get their site to where it could be. Optimisation is an ongoing and very time consuming process, so a lot of companies prefer to hand this side of their business over to a professional company who will look after their website, bring traffic to their site and improve their profits.


Is it “Cheating?”

Not at all; it is simply a way of getting your website noticed by the search engines due to the site fulfilling the criteria that they are looking for. Good quality, interesting and unique content that offers your potential customers all the information they require will appear higher in the rankings because it is simply more relevant to the search engine query.

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