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When you start your own business you know that you will need a website, you find yourself a web designer and start the design process. It’s a great feeling when it is completed and the new site is live on the Internet and ready to bring a flood of new customers to your business, but unfortunately the reality is that 9 out of 10 times nobody can actually find your website when they search for related products and services that you have to offer. Being easily found for your business name is not the same thing as these people already know about your business. To get ahead of your competition call us today on 01246 540 869


A Website Without SEO Is Like Having a Car Without an Engine, It May Look Good but It’s Not Going to Take You Anywhere!

The reason for this is that the website has been designed by a web designer whose job it is to create a good first impression of your company and to present your products and services to the visitor. Think about it though if you paid someone to re-spray your cars paintwork to make it look all new and shiny you wouldn’t expect him to tune the engine as well would you? Although he works on cars he’s a paint sprayer and NOT a mechanic! It’s the same with web design and search engine optimisation.


Why You Shouldn’t Use a Regular Website Designer

The problem is that when the search engines decide where your website should show up in the results they don’t base it on how attractive the website is, they base it on over 200 different factors that most web designers don’t really understand even when they say they do and why should they? It’s a different beast altogether.

At SEO CoPilot we have one goal and that is to make your business successful online and bring new customers, sales and profit to your bottom line and we give you a detailed report each month to show you the progress you are making.


Search Engine Optimisation Is the Key to Your Internet Success

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) effectively breaks down into 2 key areas, these are ‘On page SEO’ and ‘Off page SEO’. On page SEO describes the technical Meta data built into the website as well as the menu structure, internal and external linking and also the use and presentation of focused keywords that will assist customers to find your website easily.

‘Off page SEO’ describes the process of building a strong presence online within your field, the more relevant websites that use you as a reference by linking to you will give you the power of being an authority for your keywords and therefor the search engines will show you higher in the search results pages, equalling more visits and more sales.

That’s the very short version but I am sure you will appreciate its far more complicated to implement this that we are making is sound for you to get a quick understanding of the concept.

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