July 24th, 2019 in Blog

Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends You Should Consider


Digital marketing is something which may have changed over the years, but which is still very much important. The way we consume marketing online has gotten more sophisticated thanks to the way we browse the web. For example, an emerging majority of people now prefer browsing the internet and communicating with people via mobile as opposed to via desktop PC or Mac. This is one trend which isn’t new, but it’s one all brands should already be prepared to work with.

We’re halfway into 2019, and believe it or not, there are still some emerging trends which will continue to inspire people right up until the end of the year. If you want to get ahead of the competition in 2020, it makes sense to pay attention to some of the remaining marketing tricks 2019 has left to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting ones.


Social Media is Splitting its Audiences

social media audiencesThis has been a trend emerging for some time. However, now is the time to start sitting up and taking notice. The fact of the matter is, Facebook and Instagram – in particular – are being used by very different audiences of people. The former is now seen by many as fairly ‘old-school’, and recent issues with privacy have helped to dint the network’s reputation. Believe it or not, around 41% of American Facebook users are pensioners!

Instagram, meanwhile, is continuing to be adopted by young people. Its main demographic is people under the age of 30. Its snapshot-sharing ethos has grown extremely popular with users looking to make a patchwork quilt of their photos. Where does this all tie in with digital marketing?

Ultimately, it’s about making sure you use the right social network to play to the right audience. Is your audience mainly people between the ages of 16 and 30? You’re going to want to set up an Instagram account. Anyone older than that may be easier to engage with on Facebook. As always, there are exceptions to this rule – but it’s something to bear in mind.


Don’t Shy Away From the Camera

Video is said to be the fastest-growing digital marketing platform of them all. YouTube has grown to be such a leviathan with audiences of all ages. In fact it’s recommended as one of your default networks when getting a business online.

Video is easy to record, and even easier to watch. If you want to get complex points across and to engage with people, you’re going to want to set up a regular video strategy.

Depending on the type of business you run, you could set up how-to videos, top ten lists, or even regular chats with guests. People who are genuinely interested in your industry and what you do will be willing to subscribe to you and to watch your content in action. YouTube is not just a great marketing tool; it’s an incredible earning ground. The top YouTubers are earning millions per year from user engagement, advertising and affiliate marketing.


Consider Live Video, Too

Sticking with video content, another emerging trend in this field is live video. Live videos help you to appear more human, more approachable, and will even allow you to interact with fans and followers. Live marketing has become a big draw for people who follow ‘influencers’ on social media. Again, it is very easy to consume and to get behind this type of content. Again, it’s also easy to produce. You just simply need to be willing to sit in front of the camera in real-time, or find someone who will be happy to do all the showmanship for you!


The Rise of the Chatbots


Chatbots are fast becoming very sophisticated. These automated customer service agents can be consulted online for answers to specific questions. As such, they can be relied on to learn and to formulate advanced responses. Outsourcing menial tasks to chatbots and other AI is already rife online. Some social networks already employ chatbots to handle low-level queries and those where money can be saved by not having internal staff work on them.

Chatbots aren’t something just the high-level brands and corporations are getting stuck into. The fact is, plenty of SMEs and entrepreneurs are putting them to the task to help customers help themselves. Of course, you should always have some form of customer service strategy in mind where people can approach you directly. However, Chatbots are leading the way for massive convenience for all parties. It makes sense to invest now.


Voice Search is Bigger Than Ever

Anyone who assumed voice search was part of a big fad are about to be proven very wrong. The rise of home assistant devices such as the Amazon Echo and the Google Home system means that people are searching with their voices more than they have ever done before. This, however, means that there have needed to be big changes in the way web content is organised and promoted. You may have your SEO completely worked out as far as traditional search is concerned. However, how can you be sure that users will be able to easily find the content they need by voice?

There are plenty of great ways to optimise your web content for voice. It’s become a new part of everyday SEO strategy. As such, any good web design agency will be able to help optimise your web content for a whole new audience of searchers.


Don’t Discount Email Marketing

Email marketing may seem a little old hat in some ways; however, it’s getting more personal. Emails are being tooled to be more specific to certain needs, and what’s more, email engagement takes place with people who want to receive your communications. Therefore, the hurdle of appealing to the right people is always leapt over. A good email system may provide your audience with the calls to action they need to connect with you.


content marketingContent Strategy is Still King

Last but not least, please don’t ignore the importance of great web content. Content marketing is working wonders for targeted marketing, and it’s still a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your field or industry. Want people to link back to or cite you as a source? Continue producing engaging, genuinely helpful content which people can find answers from in just a quick read. What’s more, you should be tying this in with your SEO strategy as a priority.


Keep on Innovating

As a modern business, you should always be ready to keep innovating and striving to be different. This goes for your marketing strategies, too! However, you won’t have to go it alone. With the right digital marketing team, you’ll be able to appeal to more people and generate more leads than ever before.

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