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What Is PPC SEO?

What Is PPC SEO and How Does It Work?

What is PPC SEO? It’s a question that we hear a lot. PPC SEO stands for Pay Per Click Search Engine Optimisation. It’s a paid method we use to increase your search engine standing, web traffic and conversion-rate quickly.

If you visit Google and search anything, the first set of results you’ll see are PPC campaign ads, with the small yellow box marking them out. These companies have paid to come up first in search engine queries. This is beneficial because users don’t like scrolling and the higher up you appear, the more likely they are to click on your link.

PPC campaigns work by displaying your advert on search engines or relevant website; the more relevant the better, and you pay per click that your ad receives. When we run these campaigns, we work within a set budget and interpret the end data so we can be even more successful in the future.

It’s possible to run your own PPC campaign, but without knowing the science behind it you will be throwing your money away!


What Is PPC SEO Doing That Organic SEO Isn’t?

What is PPC SEO doing? It’s providing you with a quick results and instant business. We’re running the campaign to ensure you appear to the relevant traffic, giving your websites more clicks and more conversions. Like organic SEO, we thoroughly research a PPC campaign to find the right keywords to ensure the ad is executed properly and that it is seen by the relevant audience.

That’s not too bold a statement. We design websites with local SEO to drive local customers to your business, with the key selling point that you’re near and convenient. This all appears on a search engine results page, then your website and it’s brilliant content just reinforces to them that you’re exactly what they’re looking for.

PPC SEO, or any paid method, doesn’t have the same longevity as its organic counterpart. Organic SEO is a long term project but one that is essential for the long-term success of your business. A PPC campaign will only last as long as your budget so without organic SEO your website won’t be optimised for more traffic when the campaign has finished. We will provide you with both services to avoid crippling troughs to your traffic.

One thing that PPC and organic SEO have in common is that they’re both more successful if your website content is good quality. We build quality, user friendly websites as a standard so that relevant use experience will be positive and without positive experience, no SEO strategy will be effective long term.


What Is PPC SEO Going to Cost Me?

The big question, what is PPC SEO going to cost? PPC has basic costs you can’t get around, but those costs vary significantly. A campaign can cost mere pence or thousands depending on numerous factors, which is why by getting SEO CoPilot to run your campaign you can be sure you’re getting the most for your money.

Paid SEO campaigns are a science, they’re not something you throw your money into and hope for the best. Our work requires continual results based analysis to ensure a profitable ROI. We can’t emphasis enough what a waste of money a PPC campaign is if you don’t know what you’re doing. Your ROI will likely be very small if profitable at all.

What is PPC SEO used for? We use it to give you fast results, which makes you money. We use PPC correctly, producing quick ROI through careful careful research and analysis. If this sounds like something your business needs, please get in touch.

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