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What Are Keywords?

What Are Keywords in SEO and Why Do I Need Them?

What are keywords? They are the building blocks of SEO, the first way of building your website with search engines in mind.

Keywords are words or phrases placed at strategic intervals in your website text and code. On a very basic level, search engines work by matching a user’s query with words on a website, presenting a list of websites as an answer to their search. Obviously, search engines are a touch more technical than this, but that’s the gist.

When we start building a website, one of the first things we consider is keywords, so that we can build them into all the copy of your website text and into the background code. This identifies your website as the services or products that you promote. It’s the first step in an organic SEO strategy to improve your website ranking by driving relevant traffic to you.

Keywords might sound like a very simple method of SEO, but they only work for you when you’re using them correctly. Having us write your keywords and website text means that:

  1. Your keywords are properly researched and relevant
  2. Keywords appear in the right places
  3. Keywords are not overloaded on a page

Search engines like Google are very particular about SEO and especially keywords. If you get it wrong, then at best your SEO won’t improve and at worst Google will block you from ranking at all. Our keyword services help you by optimising your website and preventing you from unknowingly damaging your site’s reputation.


What Are Keywords in SEO Doing on Your Website?

What are keywords doing on your website? By this, we mean what keywords are you using and how are they helping you? For instance, there’s no point in using the keywords “fluffy pink elephant” if your website is selling furniture, because it won’t get you any relevant traffic.

When we start planning keywords, we start by considering a plethora of combinations that users could type in to find services like yours. As with all SEO it has to be relevant to your business, but then finding keywords gets more scientific. We start researching keywords and analysing internet data to find you the most relevant words that will bring you traffic and business. It’s crucial to get those keywords right, so why take the risk? Let us do the technical leg work and drive business to you online.


What Are Keywords Doing to Help My Business?

It’s a simple answer. What are keywords in SEO doing to help your business? They’re helping your website to be found on search engines by the relevant people and encouraging those people to click to either buy from you are contact you. Then it’s up to your website to convert those clicks into business and we can assist you with both.

Our carefully selected keywords will get your business through the door and the quality content we have written on your website converts clicks into sales. You need both services, as you’ll be left behind in the internet race without SEO and you’ll be even further behind if you get SEO wrong.

When we use organic SEO methods such as this, your website is built and maintained so that it’s considered by users as a strong reputable source, which consequently makes search engines see you as an authority. Authority sources with solid reputations perform well on search engines. Our services ensure that your website has longevity on the internet, driving more and more customers to you over time.

So what are keywords in SEO? They’re targeted words in your copy which improve your search engine rank and drive business to you. Our organic services like keyword copy-writing and researching provide solid results than only increase over time but to achieve instant results, why not consider our PPC campaigns?

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