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What Is Local SEO?

What Is Local SEO and How Is It Used?

What is local SEO? Say that you wanted to go to a restaurant and you type that into a search engine, you’ll notice that without putting in your location, the first listings that come up are for those restaurants nearest to you. There’s even a map on the right hand side of the screen showing you exactly where they are. This is local SEO, clever isn’t it?

To give it a formal description, local SEO interprets a user’s search query with services from your site and your physical location. Our local SEO services are a double whammy, producing you as a result organically and in the local section, which always appear higher. If you have a local business it’s essential to show in the local listings.


I Already Have SEO, What Is Local SEO Going to Give Me?

What is local SEO going to give you? Well, if you’re a local business and you are at the top of the local results, it’s going to bring in customers.

That’s not too bold a statement. We design websites with local SEO to drive local customers to your business, with the key selling point that you’re near and convenient. This all appears on a search engine results page, then your website and its brilliant content just reinforces to them that you’re exactly what they’re looking for.

By using local SEO to promote your business we’re ensuring relevant traffic to your website and your physical business. The more specific we are about your target audience online, the more successful your campaigns will be. So by using this form of SEO we’re driving customers through your physical doors and using other SEO continues to drive you internet business. It’s a win-win campaign.


What Is Local SEO Using on My Website?

What is local SEO using on your website? It’s a good question, no SEO pops out of thin air, there has to be some work behind it and with local SEO it is no different.

There are a number of essential items that we build in and out of your website to ensure that you’re found on a local search. It’s a precise process, like with all SEO there’s a science to it and we’re well practiced at getting it right. We’ve seen businesses try to do this for themselves and end up in a terrible mess. SEO on any level isn’t something to attempt if you don’t know what you’re doing because you could actually do more damage than good. So don’t get yourself in a pickle, talk to SEO Co-Pilot and we can perform a reliable SEO service that you’re comfortable with.

What is local SEO? Simple – it’s the lifeblood for any local business! Call us today for a free assessment on 01246 540869

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