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What Is Organic SEO?

What Is Organic SEO Used For?

Let’s start by answering what are organic results? The term “organic” when describing SEO isn’t dissimilar to your organic vegetables, it just means a natural way of optimising your search engine ranking and that they are the first results after the paid option which show at the top of the page. It is well known that often people will ignore the initial paid results and instead choose from the organic results, this is because they would often prefer to use a company that ranks highly without paying. Ranking highly in the organic results takes a lot longer than it does to rank when paying by way of PPC so it can be a tough choice at times.

We often suggest running a paid campaign for you while we are hard at work raising your position in the organic results, giving you a win-win situation!


Organic SEO Techniques

What is organic SEO doing to help you? We use organic SEO to increase your business in several ways.

  1. Copy Writing – We write website copy and code with keywords and phrases in all the right places. This signals to search engines that your website content is relevant to the user’s query and increases your ranking.
  2. Web Presence – A business’ online web presence should never end with their website. To increase your SEO organically we maintain strong, relevant profiles for you on social media, which can even include blogs. We post regular, carefully selected content to drive more traffic to your website, increasing your search engine standing.
  3. Link Building – A top organically-ranking website is regarded by search engines as an authority source. We increase your website’s authority in several ways, including writing relevant content and networking online with other authority sources and swapping links. Associating with the right sources builds your website a brilliant reputation.
  4. User Experience – The design and comprehensiveness of your website cannot be understated. All of our websites are built with usability in mind and the better the user experience, the more people that will: return to your website, bookmark it, subscribe to it and buy on it. Search engines recognise this and boost you up the rankings.

We use Organic SEO to build your website a strong reputation online over time. It may feel like the long way round but it builds a lasting reputation, which is well worth putting the time and effort in.


DIY SEO Is Like DIY Open Heart Surgery, It’s Not a Great Idea!

What is organic SEO doing to hurt you? DIY SEO can be dangerous to your web standing. Without being properly trained you can cause you a number of problems which aren’t easy to recover from.

  1. Keyword Overload – DIY marketers understand the importance of keywords but without knowing how to properly use them. Consequently, they put their keywords everywhere and search engines blacklist them for trying to manipulate user results.
  2. Toxic Links – Businesses can see that networking works online but without knowing the best sources to link to they can inadvertently build up toxic links. These are links to sites that search engines have red flagged and by linking to them, your reputation is damaged. In extreme cases, toxic links have caused people to delete their entire website and start again with a clean slate.

Your business won’t often benefit from DIY SEO; if you’re going to compete on the internet you need to use your SEO properly and that’s what we’re here for. You can’t reason with a search engine and once you’ve unknowingly damaged your reputation it’s very hard to build up again.

What is organic SEO but a sure fire way to ensure your website has a good reputation and longevity which increases your business potential tenfold? Organic SEO is essential for the long term but doesn’t produce instant results, so if you need quick conversions you need our PPC SEO service.

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