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May 2nd, 2016

What is a ‘Call to Action’?

A Call to Action is the segment of a website – usually a button – which tries to convince the browsers of a website to accomplish a desired action instantly, thus converting a website’s visitor into a customer or client.

It is imperative to have a Call to Action as a part of a website, as every different website will have an objective which it wants its visitors to complete. Whether it be purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter or donating to a charity, the Call to Action provides not only a direction to your users, but a focus to your website and a way to gauge your site’s success.

Call to Action phrases often use imperative verbs such as:

  • Sign-Up
  • Donate
  • Subscribe
  • Buy

Call to Action phrases should be concise, yet explain clearly what it is that users are doing. However, adding a simple Call to Action such as those mentioned above may not help your website. To enhance your Call to Action, it is advisable to use incentives that will grab the user’s attention. For example: Rather than simply suggesting that a user “Contact SEO CoPilot”, it would be more effective to offer a free consultation. So, the plain old Call to Action, “Contact SEO CoPilot”, becomes “Contact SEO CoPilot for a free website audit”. Because who doesn’t love a freebie!


What other incentive ‘Calls to Action’ are there?

Another form of incentive that could be utilised in a Call to Action is using time sensitive phrases. Urgent words such as ‘”now” or “don’t hesitate” will encourage users to act immediately and – hopefully – convert in to customers or clients! So, take our earlier example of “Contact SEO CoPilot for a free website audit”… by changing this Call to Action to become “Contact SEO CoPilot today for a free website audit”, users will be encouraged to act straightaway, hopefully without any hesitation. Other time sensitive phrases could be used by means of introducing the idea of a sale or offer. Rather than just advertising a sale or offer on a website, more users may be encouraged to covert to customers if they are pushed to act quickly to take advantage of any sales or offers. The phrase “sale ends tomorrow” may be more effective than simply advertising that there is a “sale now on”, because users may hesitate if they have more time to think and consider sales and offers, perhaps talking themselves out of partaking in your website’s offer. Remember: everyone loves a bargain, and hates feeling that they’ve missed out on one!


Should ‘Call to Actions’ be reassuring?

Other incentives may include an “automatic upgrade”, “free trial” or “free gift” for users who subscribe, sign-up or buy from your website.

Reassuring words can go a long way, too. An effective Call to Action, such as “Contact SEO CoPilot today for a free website audit” may be even further enhanced by reassuring the browser – simply suggesting that “you won’t regret it!” may urge for those users who are still sitting on the fence to go for it!

For more information, why not contact SEO CoPilot today for a free website audit… You won’t regret it! (See what we did there?!)

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