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Social Media Marketing

During 2011 and 2012, we saw a dramatic increase in social sharing and the effect it had on search engine results. Google was the main search engine that started to include a lot of social signals when producing search results. Of course, the potential power for search marketers resulting from this shift towards social media is massive. People or businesses with wide social circles, who share lots of material, are much more likely to see their material promoted in the search results. For the publishers, this means that it is extremely beneficial to get your content shared by influential people who also have big social followings.

Although not the same as links, social shares such as Facebook likes and shares as well as Twitter tweets really do affect rankings. The exact extent is not clear as yet but there is certainly evidence that indicates this to be true. Social Media has a great deal of rewards and benefits for companies who are specifically interested in getting more exposure online in addition to their SEO campaign. It is ideal for networking, engaging public interest and consumer interaction.

SEO CoPilot Social Media Marketing Campaigns

SEO CoPilot provides a range of services and packages to support and promote Social Media. This type of promotion is effective for many types of businesses but particularly those that are a) part of some type of specialist network, b) are public facing, c) have lot of ongoing PR. There are three major social media site packages; Twitter, Facebook and You Tube. These are all tailored to meet a business’s requirements and needs.

Let’s look at the social media sites in a little more detail:

Facebook – This website and social networking service was launched in 2004 and currently has over one billion active users. It has the potential for businesses to widen their network, not only in their own country but throughout the world.

Twitter – This is another social networking service that lets its users read and send small text based posts known as tweets. Having been around since 2006, there are now over three hundred million tweets sent daily and it has become one of the most visited sites on the net. The impact of Twitter cannot beKeyboard showing social media buttons underestimated as more and more businesses are using its services.

YouTube (now owned by Google) – This is a video sharing website. It allows users to upload, share and view videos, TV clips, music videos, amateur content and user generated videos. A lot of the content on YouTube has been loaded by individuals although media corporations and other organisations also offer some of their material on the site. For SEO this means that if your business has produced, or is producing videos then YouTube can give you greater online exposure resulting in potential new business and contacts within your field.

As you can see there is a great deal of scope for raising your business’ profile by using Social Media platforms. There are literally millions of potential customers out there for your business to draw in. SEO CoPilot knows this, and will get your business the positive exposure it needs.


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