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The Google Knowledge Vault Could Make Search Engine History

The Google Knowledge Vault is now being designed and tested, after the decision was taken for the Google Knowledge Graph to be remodelled. This means that the search engine Google, will be now able to supply even more structured amounts of information across the web.


knowledge-vaultGoogle Knowledge Vault will benefit mobile searching

Google have branded their latest scheme as superb for finding “answers instead of links” -especially when it comes to mobile searching. It has arrived in a time of increasing use of mobile data which means it will have a range of uses. Google itself has recognised that it must re-shape its knowledge graph in order to store a much larger amount of useful content in order to expand.

The Google Knowledge Vault will be known as “the largest store of human knowledge ever created” if the idea can be pulled off successfully. The idea behind the vault is to assemble worldwide content without the need for human interaction with the system, making it the first automated search result provider ever to be constructed in the history of the Internet. It will gather, define and merge information from various sources from around The World Wide Web and form one large source of data where all the answers for a particular query will be accessible, this, Google hopes will reduce the amount of time it takes to find the information a searcher is looking for.


vault-laptopGoogle are compiling their facts for the vault

The search engine provider has been stated to have already stored around 1.6 billion of the world’s facts for the Google Knowledge Vault, ranking them in order of accuracy using the new system. The issue with the system appears to be that in a world where the amount of user generated content is very high only a small percentage – 16 percent in fact – can be classed as a secure fact. And how exactly can Google prove that each fact they publish is true or false? It seems to us that they are slowly losing their grip on what was a tight hold on content published via the search engine.

In the future, as the Google Knowledge Vault grows, Google is very confident that the source of the information it displays will always be reliable and accuracy will increase, however experts say it is impossible to cover every answer in each context using automated software, and that a human interaction will have to be present in one form or another.

All of the ideas Google is throwing into this vault are displaying that it dreams of becoming “the perfect search tool”. It is unknown whether Google will be able to pull the knowledge vault idea off to their high levels of satisfaction. But in times of ever growing competition with Yahoo and Bing not far behind, they are in need of fresh ideas, and this one would certainly deliver a number of new apps that could be created as well as other digital scenarios yet to be built. Experts are constantly on the lookout for model testing of the new Google Knowledge Vault which may be expected in the next few months.

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