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Google will soon be 100% (not provided) in Analytics

Google was always very open about the information they provided for webmasters in the past. Everyone could see all kinds of traffic data for free and this allowed the publishers to know the search terms people used when they went to Google and clicked in any sites.

One of the best things was the way that Google let you know if someone found your site by typing any kind of search. Let’s say for example that someone has a website about martial arts and they have a few articles that talk about Bruce Lee. Back in the days when Google gave us all the information, you could check a report that told you if someone found your site in Google when they typed “Bruce Lee” on the search engine.


Google non-paid results – will this increase paid search for Google?

a-finger-pointing-to-the-word-keywordsThe information was available for everyone without having to pay any fees and things seemed to be working great for everyone, but Google has started to withhold a lot of information lately and we can see more and more “not provided” messages in the reports. Now there are many websites that are not getting their full reports and it seems like with enough time we are going to start seeing the “not provided” words all the time.

There is a lot of debate about this and many internet marketers are upset that Google is turning this into another way to get money from users. The people at Google have stated that this is being done to protect the privacy of the people who are doing the searching. They said that this has created security issues for a lot of people and that is why they have changed it to show fewer search term results.

This could prove to be a problematic situation for marketers who are on a tight budget and want to get as much search engine information as they possibly can in order to tweak their campaigns and get more revenue. This is the way it had been working for a long time but things are changing rather quickly and people are going to have to adapt to this.

Webmasters can still see results but they are now limited to 2.000 top terms daily and all data is erased after 90 days. This really restricts things for people and the biggest issue is that all historical data is lost for most websites out there.


Are we headed for a safer Internet or just another big headache for webmasters?

There are other ways to continue to get this data but they are no longer provided by Google. Some referral systems give you detailed information on how you got your clicks and they include all the information that Google has decided to keep private. They said they did this to protect the privacy of the search engine users, but all the activities are still being kept in records by other companies.

In any case, it seems like things are going to be changing quite a bit as far as the way Google is allowing everyone to view detailed information about each person that surfs the web. This could be the beginning of an attempt for a safer internet, but so far these restrictions are only causing headaches to marketers and not really providing any extra protection for people who are browsing the internet every day.

There are many security changes that might be happening on the internet in the next couple of years. This will force marketers to adapt to these changes and to look for new ways to get this information for efficient marketing strategies to be applied successfully for their campaigns.

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