February 16th, 2017 in Blog, Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Trends and What to Watch out for in 2017

In this article, we’ll be discussing which online marketing trends are forecast to take off in the year of 2017. You’ll recognise some old methods that have been successful since the start, and also some new ideas that are looking to take the year by storm. These trends come from a plethora of different sources, in order to give you the most informative view on where to place your bets when it comes to the biggest hits of the year.

Content Clique

TypewriterWe’ll start off with the familiar, the content marketers, they’ve been doing this for longer than you can remember and they’re not going anywhere soon. The majority of reports from thousands of marketers have placed content marketing right at the top, in terms of being the most important trend. This method of marketing works to offer entertaining, informative content to the viewer. The key will be to write unique, high-quality and interactive content that readers can resonate with. It’s also thought that there will be a new demand for more niche writers that can create really specialised content, using their knowledge of certain subjects. Companies are always looking for innovative new ways to engage their audience, however content marketing will always be at the centre of anything they do.

Fashionable Marketingsmart watch

Now how about something a little lighter, wearable technology
maybe? In recent years we have seen the emergence of various wearable devices such as the Apple Watch, Google Glass and other similar devices that intertwine your wardrobe with the digital world. This year will allow for more innovation of current devices, and will change the face of local marketing entirely. The end product isn’t quite there yet, but digital marketers will soon achieve the potential of wearable technology marketing and accompanying marketing methods.

Video Ads

Please don’t skip; that’s what advertisers on platforms such as
YouTube and Twitter are hoping for, as video advertisement has Youtube laptopbeen making its way into the one of the famous forms of online marketing. This method of catching the interest of viewers has been around for a while, however it’s just now that other online companies are picking up this method and inadvertently changing the whole spectrum of online advertisement. Unlike pop-ups or spam email, people seem to be more accepting of video advertisements and will sometimes watch along if the first few seconds can entice the viewer, this can then have a massive impact on brand awareness and creating potential sales. The current positive feedback suggests this trend is going to have a much larger presence in time and it’s not completely out-there to expect different types of video ads popping up on our screens in the near future

Going Live

Now, we’ve probably all seen our friends streaming live videos concertthrough social media sites such as Facebook, and more often than not the content is rather lacklustre, as some of the older generation struggle to get to grips with this new technology. However what you will realize is how many views these streams are getting, and this is due to the new trend surrounding live content. Since its emergence in popularity, notable sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram have all incorporated some form of live video option and are promoting the feature rather heavily. Being something that stands out amongst a mass of saturated content, it would not be surprising if many larger companies began to get involved. This feature would allow for firms to communicate with their crowd on a much more engaging, involving and exciting level.

Knowing what you like

ipadWe all like a bit of personalisation; something we can attune to us or represent who we are will always be appealing. Which is why top marketers have got ‘personalized user experiences’ on their list of top marketing methods. This method is becoming ever more important for companies of all shapes and sizes. Catering to your customers interests and needs through personalisation can build brand loyalty and customer trust, whilst seamlessly encouraging buyers purchasing decisions. According to MarketingProfs – “Businesses that personalise web experiences see an average 19% increase in sales”.

Personalisation is not just changing the name tag in an email, but also includes things such as dynamic individualised content recommendations and segmentation in order to better target consumers and their particular buying habits. Examples don’t have to be huge efforts to cater to one person’s needs, but can be as simple as positive personalised responses to consumers on social media accounts, that may just create a relationship between brand and buyer. The impact this can have in building a loyal base and increasing customer retention is why many believe this method is one that will grow largely and be here to stay.

Bigger Methods

Another recognisable name, big data, comes up next. It’s a method of marketing that has been around for a while now, although in recent years, as you can see, is gaining relevance rather rapidly. Big Data marketing involves gaining market and consumer insight and applying it with predictive analytics. This method is becoming increasingly used and has been said to have played a large part in the US election, with Trump’s team using the analytic data of Cambridge Analytica to know which areas to target and persuade the undecided.  Market research firm Ovum estimates the big data market will increase from around $1.7 billion in 2016 to $9.4 billion by 2020.Google Trends

Getting Started

Although you may be thinking “all this change seems a little daunting”, these trends are likely to prove popular within 2017 and popular marketing can turn even the smallest of businesses into the giants we see today, many huge names such as Google or Apple all came from humble beginnings.
If you’re still a little unsure on whether to take the leap with building your online presence, why not contact SEO CoPilot for a quote today on 01246 540869 and learn how we can help you to grow your business to heights you’ve never imagined. So don’t be last out of the blocks going into 2017 and get involved with these rising platforms, you never know where you could end up.