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Modern Web Design – What Do You Need to Know?

Modern web design is something which changes from time to time. In fact, it’s a very fast-moving business! Therefore, what worked a few years ago isn’t always going to catch on with modern audiences. That’s why you’re always going to need to make sure your web presence is really on the pulse of what your audience is looking for.

However, some elements of modern web design really hold firm, no matter what year it is. Here are a few modern web design essentials you should be thinking about, whether you’re designing a website in 2021 or 2031.

Focus on Space

Website Design Responsive Devices

Believe it or not, you really don’t have to cram your website design full of content. Space, in fact, can be a blessing. Empty gaps and spaces help your web design to breathe, and at the same time, it can also help your readers to focus and take things at a steady pace.

White space, in particular, makes for a clean and well-organised design. Filling every last bit of space you have is going to make things look cluttered, and it’s going to cause people headaches to get through. Therefore, you should be thinking about spacing things out as much as physically possible.

Audit Your Code

Anyone new to web design may not know this, but a neat and tidy coding system, behind the scenes is just as crucial to modern web design as the

way it is all presented. After all, it is your lines of code which keep everything together.

Cluttered code or that which makes no sense to even the most experienced of professionals will need tidying up. Essentially, the tidier and more efficient your code is, the better and faster it will perform from day to day. It’ll also help you to remedy problems quicker if they arise.

Getting your code tidied up is as simple as approaching an experienced web design professional. They’ll be able to make sure your behind-the-scenes work is operating just as smoothly as everything that’s facing your visitors.

Go Bold, But Not OTT

close up code coding

Colours mean a lot in web design, just as much as they do in everyday life. You will likely already be looking for a colour scheme that complements your branding and logos. However, there will still be the temptation to throw as many colours together as possible. Whatever you do, never give into these urges! Too many colours can make things more complex to look at.

You’re going to need to pick one of two big, bold colours which will stand out. You should be focusing on keeping things clean, bright and simple. Further to this, look around at the biggest names online. Facebook, for example, leads with a simple deep blue and white interface. It’s refreshingly simple. Amazon, too, opts for black and orange, with white space thrown in. Follow what the leaders in web design are offering up.

Modern Web Design -Think About Your Users

Modern Web Design on an iPad mobile deviceThinking about your users has never been more important in modern web design. Google is always changing their algorithms to ensure that searchers access sites which are easy to use. This ensures that the websites that are the easiest to find deliver the answers that people are looking for. Therefore, you should be building your website and its functionality for your users first.

Modern SEO is all about redefining the crucial user experience. That means your site is going to need to work overtime in offering them everything they need in a package they can handle. You are going to need to keep people on-page, and away from that dreaded ‘back’ button. It’s all about designing your website to be smooth, attractive, and easy to use across all devices.

Focus on SEO

Speaking of SEO, let’s address some of the more common optimisation elements which matter in the modern age. You shouldn’t just be thinking about keywords. You should be paying close attention to what your site is doing behind the scenes, too.

A good, modern web design should be airtight in terms of its HTML. Your meta tags, headings and image descriptions should all be finely-tuned for relevance. This is because Google crawls these elements just as much as it strives to check the usability of your site.

An experienced web designer and coder will be able to make sure the finer points of SEO are attended to behind the scenes. Don’t worry about the more technical aspects!

Inspiring the Audience

Website Design Responsive Mobile

Yes – your content should already be inspiring, but what are your calls to action doing? A good call to action should encourage readers and visitors to take relevant steps to connect with you. You should always be strategic with your CTAs. You could offer free downloads, more information via email, or the option of a free consultation. There are all manner of things you could offer up to your readers by way of encouraging them to connect with you.

One of the most solid CTA options is, of course, to ask readers to email or call you. If you’ve piqued their interest enough, they’ll want to get in touch to learn more as soon as possible.

Go For Speed

Finally, always focus on speed. Your modern web design should be quick to access, quick to read, and quick to load. Think about all the people who are likely to read your content via mobile! There are a number of ways you can boost the speed performance of your site.

With the help of an experienced web designer, you’ll be able to tweak areas of your site which could be slowing you down. Large images, unnecessary media and outdated scripts, for example, could all do with neatening up. Leave it to the experts to take a closer look for you.

If you’re interested in modern web design for your business, get in touch with a team who sill support you at each step of the way. Call SEO CoPilot now on 01246 556565 for a quick chat about what we can do for you.

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