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Why use Pay Per Click Marketing?

AdWords PPC is a powerful online marketing system

Any company wishing to grow their client base would not be ill advised to look closely at using a powerful online marketing system like Pay Per Click Management. Pay-Per-Click, as the name implies, involves an automatic marketing system that only costs the business, when the client clicks and goes through to the company website.

When you compare Pay-Per-Click or PPC, to other more conventional types of marketing you immediately begin to see many advantages.Firstly it gives the company a chance to set a budget that they can afford and that can be managed very closely, and changed to focus on different business objectives.

Secondly, it only costs the business as the new sales leads are generated as opposed to being charged up front and leaving you to hope that the techniques will give a business return.

Thirdly, if you compare PPC on cost with other conventional types of marketing you will start to realise just how cheap and flexible a good PPC campaign can be. Newspaper advertising is now seen as old hat since most newspaper companies will testify that their readership has reduced dramatically and continues to decline, therefore it becomes clear that a different approach is required.

To exacerbate the situation Radio and TV advertising are in many cases out of reach of most clients in terms of costs, and certainly radio advertising in many cases just does not have the broad reach that is required to assist businesses small and large to attract new clients.

PPC when implemented correctly can

a)     Be very cost effective and give a very good business return

b)      Drive excellent new business

c)      Act as an automatic online marketing system 24/7

d)      Allow the business to use a very flexible approach to marketing

e)      Employ powerful mobile technology aimed at driving buying traffic

f)       Increase the overall website traffic and Organic positioning in the Search Engines

g)      Assist the Organic Search Engine Optimisation in gaining traction

h)      Allow the business to pay as they get new business leads

i)       Increase Google visibility across Google traffic applications.

These are all great reasons as to why a business should look at using a well implemented PPC campaign to assist in generating new customers.

Google Adwords PPC

The most powerful Pay-Per-Click engine and the first one to blaze the trail in PPC Marketing is Google Adwords.

Google Adwords offers a very flexible platform and when employed with other online marketing techniques like ‘Business Keyword Research’ and the extremely powerful adverts editor and keyword algorithms, brings together many vital elements of marketing a clients business online. 

Keyword Research

With the right Google Adwords and PPC skills, a focussed and powerful list of keywords can be identified, that allow the business to market their skills to their clients in the correct manner.

Here at SEO CoPILOT we then filter these keywords to target similar successful competitor keywords and also tailor them to try and ensure we identify ‘Buying Keywords’.  This attempts to ensure that we target clients looking to buy our products and services and not tyre kickers, who may be looking to ask endless questions and then leave without making a purchase.

Whilst businesses are there to serve clients, they are also there to try to ensure that a good level of business growth is achieved, and online marketing/PPC implemented correctly is the most cost effective way of growing the business.

Keywords Aligned to Business Services

Once these Keywords have been identified we then organise these keywords into related groups and ensure we align those groups to our clients business services, in Google Adwords these groups are called ‘Ad Groups’.

Google Adwords PPC Adverts

These groups then  employ powerful adverts that focus on those groups of keywords; this is extremely important as a business often has several routes to market and we want to be sure we are driving traffic for all of these business elements.

Quality Score, Reduces Costs

During the build phase we always look to ensure that as we put together the groups of keywords and adverts, we pay particular attention to the Google ‘Quality Score’.

This is very important – if the ‘Quality Score’ is too low, it will adversely affect the cost of the traffic for that keyword. If your ‘Quality Score’ is considered by Google to be good then the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) may be reduced dramatically.

Integration to other Google applications

Google have several other applications that in the past have been developed alongside Google Adwords, these include Google Plus, Google Maps andGoogle Location Services. As the Google platform matures all of these and more are being integrated through ‘Google My Business’, integrating these applications can ensure that the business is represented right across the Google platform.

Why is this important? When the PPC campaign goes live, it will enter an automatic auction and the Adverts / Keywords  that stand out the most will win, this will ensure that the adverts will be in the top positions, which ultimately drives more clicks.

We have worked with many customers who have tried to implement these campaigns personally only to see the ‘Quality Scores’ extremely low, which has led to increased costs of the traffic, and adverts ranking much lower than expected.

Once we worked with them to integrate focused business pages, increase ‘Quality Scores’ and integrate Google Applications, and Google Ad Extensions, these adverts started to rank much higher up page one of Google and drive more focussed traffic.

It is only when the Adwords campaign is optimised for the right keywords and adverts, that the business will start to see powerful ‘Buying Traffic’ that drives real New Business. After all existing clients already know you are there, it is new clients that need to understand that your business is there and ready to serve them.

There are now many businesses, (some of which started out small) using Google Adwords PPC that use it as the primary source of their business traffic. They attract many new customers and have used the methods we have discussed to grow their business well above earlier projections.

If you would like to discuss how we can assist your business to implement such a system by using our specialist PPC skills, then, please call our specialist PPC team today.

Guy Tomlinson

Guy Tomlinson is the owner and founder of SEO CoPilot Ltd. As an organic SEO specialist and SEO trainer with over 15 years of experience, he has the knowledge when it comes to helping small businesses succeed online – and shares his expertise through SEO CoPilot’s blog (mentioned in Top SEO Blogs to Follow). Follow Guy’s profile on LinkedIn for more SEO Tips!
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