October 30th, 2013 in Blog, Pagerank

Is It The End of Google PageRank?RIP Google Page Rank

For many months, all the marketing gurus have expressed the idea that, amongst other things, PageRank is Google’s way of measuring a sites authority. However, it would seem increasingly that there isn’t consistency with PageRank at all.  Of course page rank and search engine result rankings are very different and should not be seen in the same light at all. PageRank simply gives a score to say how much has been put into promoting the website. A PageRank score of six or above is seen as a good thing for your site.  But is this true?


Whatever side you fall on, Google PageRank was very helpful in more ways than one

Some argue it is, some argue it isn’t.  Some people believe that page rank is about the importance of a site. Business owners may look at a site and judge it on its page rank.  A business with a page rank of 6 will of course be seen more favourably that one with a page rank of 1. You will also attract other good quality sites to link with yours, your website will be seen as one that will last, people will want to copy what you do and people will think more highly of you.

However, others know that website owners have grown wise to how to improve page rank and so don’t give it too much weighting. What is more important is to promote your site as much as possible in as many related places possible, quality content in quality places that are linked to your own product or service. Building a great foundation for website marketing will attract the exposure you are looking for.


Another big change for the SEO community

Google-page-rank-puzzleFor many SEO professionals, Google PageRank was seen as a very useful tool to assess a website and had been for some time, as it made things more simpler in the complex world of search engines.  SEO, however, is well known for its continual changes and things that seem set in stone can be obsolete a few years or even months later. Indeed the last couple of years have shown Google really limiting its support for PageRank, Firefox and Google Toolbar have suspended it and Google Chrome no longer supports the feature anymor. Search engines have been focusing far more on ranking factors that are more “real-time” and dynamic than link relations.  Social data and tendencies seem far more relevant with likes, plusses and comments now all being important factors in search results which affect rankings. In fact Google appears to have stopped talking about PageRank and there has only been one up date this year, there has even been talk about PageRank disappearing forever.

So it would seem clear that the useful little tool used by SEO in the past is now losing out in a more dynamic world. It has often been said that the only constant in SEO is change and Google PageRank appears to be part of that. Although not officially dead, it would certainly appear to be losing favour and in a years time?  Who could say!

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