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The SEO CoPilot team visit Chesterfield College students

Delivering the Seminar

In recent years, the team at SEO CoPilot have been visiting Chesterfield College to deliver a short class to the Digital Technology students, informing them on recent changes in the industry and need-to-know SEO tips. It was only a couple of years ago when three former students, Jake Swift, Callum Fanshawe and James Heinzman, sat in on one of these classes and have now gone on to join the team at SEO CoPilot. It was now their time to go back to the classroom and give their insight into what the industry is like and how they can work on becoming an employee in this job sector.

Search Engine Optimisation is such a large field and compressing it all into one, insightful, presentation could prove to be a challenge. However, with a few years of knowledge under the SEO experts’ belts, they came up with a great SEO summary, titled “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of SEO and Web Design’. Included in the presentation was an explanation of Web Design and SEO, examples of Good and Bad Web Design and important things to consider when building a website.

Chesterfield College Interview Us

SEO CoPilot Jake SwiftAfter the presentation, one of the tutors from the College interviewed Jake Swift, who was a student in this class for two years, on what is was like working full time for SEO CoPilot, the area’s leading SEO and Web Design company, Jake explained “I’m really enjoying my time at CoPilot; with a varied number of jobs, from SEO optimisation to creating websites and working on the back-end, there’s never a boring day. Since I was at school, I’ve always wanted to be working on computers, being creative and learning about how business market themselves online, and what better way to achieve this goal than to study Web Design and take up the job offer of working for a great company within the industry. It was my former tutor that put me in touch with SEO CoPilot and I was given the chance to work part-time during my studies which really helped me on my course. I finished my studies with distinctions and have now moved on to work full time, with Guy at CoPilot.

SEO CoPilot owner, Guy Tomlinson, was then questioned about his visit to Chesterfield College and how his recent recruits were getting on within the business. “I always look forward to coming into Chesterfield College to do these talks, I think it’s a really beneficial class and we hope the students take a lot from it. Jake, Callum and James really stood out for me when I was looking for new employees, their commitment, enthusiasm for the role is something that’s very important in this sector and I believed they were the right candidates for the job. Since their start, their progress has been huge, they’re hardworking and most importantly, great team players”.

The CoPilot and College Partnership

Here at SEO CoPilot, our pride is built upon our varied experience and specialist knowledge of SEO and marketing. We have helped a plethora of different clients in achieving their goals and improving their online presence. Our team at SEO CoPilot will continue to visit the students at Chesterfield College for years to come and provide them with important industry knowledge to pass their exams and help them enter the job market in this sector.

All of our team at SEO CoPilot would like to thank the College for the opportunity to host these informative seminars with their students and for their continued partnership with the team here at SEO CoPilot. If you would like to find out more on us here at SEO CoPilot, you can read more on our web designing skills here or follow us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn

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