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May 2nd, 2016

Increase Website Visitors With Search Optimised Landing Pages

Not all the pages of a website need to be highly optimised. When we talk of landing pages, we are talking about pages that are highly focused towards the keywords we will be targeting with your website. They are called landing pages because (believe it or not and this may be a real shocker) people will land on them! A page such as this is optimised so that it gets ranked in the SERPs (search engine results pages) which then draws people into your website. Once there, your audience will be enticed by the optimised sales copy so that they buy your products or book your services.


Landing Pages to Help You Convert Existing Visitors

Landing Pages are among the key tools your business can use to achieve your online objectives. Let’s say you are lucky enough that your website already get lots of traffic – you’re attracting lots of new visitors to your website, but you are looking for ways to convert these sales leads and capture that all important customer and visitor data. Here at SEO Co-Pilot, we design and build these unique pages to help you realise those objectives. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, maybe not but with landing pages optimised to convert visitors into sales, you may just convert yourself a new customer!


I Already Have a Website, Why Do I Need a Landing Page?

Pages such as these are built to complement your website, but with specific and focused objectives in mind. You might be looking to increase online sales generation for your new product or service, drive sales leads for that upcoming campaign, or simply improve the experience your customers receive when they visit your website. Understanding what you want to achieve is critical in the build of an effective landing page, and our highly skilled team will work with you to understand your objectives and produce the most effective landing page to meet your requirements.


Isn’t My Website Already Built With These Pages?

Your website is your online representation of your business – your digital shop window for the whole of your business. This means that the pages (or Web Pages) of your website hold a host of information about your team, your brand, your values – everything you need to market your business to your customers and website visitors. Web pages inform your audience of what you want them to know about your business.

Landing Pages are different to Web Pages, and are optimised to hold the key calls to action and capture key data that is relevant to your specific objectives. In effect, these pages will act as a highly configured funnel, directing your website visitors where you want them to go, exposing them to the key sales and marketing messages you want them to experience on their journey.

These pages can be specific pages of your website, and SEO Co-Pilot can work with you on key messages to ensure the best optimisation for those specific pages. Alternatively, a landing page can be separate from your website and not featured in the main menu, but branded in the same way to ensure consistency of customer experience, and accessible from a unique URL that is created specifically to drive the customer behaviour you require. Typically, these pages can be used as part of an advertising campaign, and the URL could be promoted via social media, a magazine article or direct marketing campaign.


Are Landing Pages Just About Sales Conversions?

Sales and lead generation are typical of the key uses for Landing Pages in today’s highly competitive online market place. But the key is to understand what it is you want to achieve – what are your objectives? The eBook you wrote? Lets boost its circulation. The event you are hosting? Lets inform your audience. A/B testing a new website design? Lets find out what your audience thinks.

The importance of quality data capture is a cornerstone to the success of any business in the modern world, and Landing Pages provide an effective vehicle to achieve this objective in a considered and unobtrusive fashion. This facilitates a key part of your marketing strategy – by accessing your landing page your customers and prospects are engaging with you and importantly, receiving your valuable content in return.


What About Tracking Performance?

Employing a Landing page will not only support you in delivering your objectives, but it provides the analytics for your campaign manager to effectively manage performance. Click through rates, sales generated, leads generated, drop-out rates and page impressions are among a host of campaign performance analytics that can be generated from the landing page to support you in your decision making process.

Landing Pages are a versatile mechanic to support you in achieving your online objectives with a focused and targeted approach. With appealing design, intuitive copy and effective Calls to Action, let SEO Co-Pilot help you realise those objectives by calling 01246 540 869.

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