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5 Rules to Follow When Working with SEO in 2016

A sign saying stop, time for seoEven years on, SEO still remains as relevant as ever in the world of online marketing and promotion – marketers are more focused on driving high quality content and organic SEO through their websites and social media than ever, and as a result Google is now fully focused on rewarding genuine services from genuine people.  Gone are the days of keyword stuffing where firms would be able to get away with pasting endless keyword chains without reason – and it’s wise to be prepared for any changes that are likely to be made to Google’s algorithms and SEO guidelines in future.  We’re over halfway through 2016 – and if you’ve not already started harnessing the power of SEO for your business, now is the time to take notice of the best tricks of the trade to get yourself seen and soon.

Focus on Mobile Traffic

In 2016, the rule regarding Google optimising your website and preparing your content for mobile browsing is simple – if you don’t optimise your site for mobile devices, Google is going to penalise you by throwing you down the rankings.  Mobile browsing is growing constantly and it is therefore essential that you at least have a form of responsive design or alternative site in place so that you can be comfortably read and visited by all comers on all devices.

5 rules to follow when working with SEO in 2016


Don’t Ignore Local SEO

The power of local SEO is growing rapidly and it’s again thanks to changes in Google’s algorithms.  Local SEO concerns ensuring that you let Google know where your business is based, and, where possible, throw in a few keyword phrases to bolster your appearance rate.  Google now tailors search results to searchers’ locations, meaning that you’ll be more likely to appear in results for searchers close to you if you simply let Google know where you carry out your business.  Ignoring local SEO in 2016 may be too big a risk to take.

Voice Searching

The way in which people search is always changing – and with the emergence of Google’s voice searching platform, websites not only need to make sure they have relevant keyword phrases in place, but they also need to be coherent and searchable by voice – meaning that there is now a greater need for longer keyword phrases to ensure that you capture this growing, lucrative side of the market.

Watching, Not Reading

Online videos have never been bigger, and it’s never been easier for websites to create, incorporate and upload unique, engaging video content for their customers to fall across with ease.  Some of us simply prefer watching videos to reading – and according to some sources videos account for a majority share of all searches made through Google.  Videos are absolutely on trend right now, making it a great idea to start thinking about how you can appeal to your key audience through the medium.

Be Sociable

Social media is all-pervasive – and a business or enterprise that isn’t taking advantage of a Twitter account or Facebook page is truly missing out on connecting with their key audience on a level that drives trust and inspires purchases.  It’s thought that Google will start indexing social media content frequently in the months to come, meaning that getting yourself out there on the biggest social platforms may well be your ticket to SEO success in 2016 and beyond.

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