March 27th, 2014 in Blog, Google, Social Media

The Importance of Google Plus for SEO and For Your Business

Google Has Extra SEO Benefits to Offer Google Plus Users

social-network-google-plusThe Search Engine Provider Google has 200 or more ranking factors, which are used to decide a website’s position in the Search Engine Results Pages. Over the past few years, Google has tried extensively to persuade people to use their Social Media Site Google Plus naturally, but it never truly took off. Mainly because social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, were by far the pack leaders of the Social Media World by this time. Now it seems that Google are trying a new tactic, in order to persuade people to join and use the network. Google themselves have decided to hand out SEO benefits to anyone who owns a website and signs up to Google Plus. By making it one of their highest ranking factors, the popularity and usage of Google Plus especially for business has increased over the past few months, as more and more people join to integrate with potential customers, and link to their website in order to obtain the rewards that Google have gifted them for being part of Google Plus.


Integrating with Customers on Google PlusGoogle-plus-key

Google Plus usage has increased over the past year and at the end of 2013, it consisted of around 530 Million Users. From a business perspective this is great, you have millions of people to market your business to, and there are many different features that you can use to do this within Google Plus. Firstly by following users related to your niche and commenting on their Google Plus Profiles, you are encouraging them to follow you back. From here, you can create engaging posts that catch their eye leading them to follow you back, +1 and share your content. A Google +1 is a high ranking factor and with a link back to your website you’re sure to obtain higher traffic and link juice by increasing the amount of +1s you have.


Start a Hangout

Another way of engaging with customers directly is through the use of Hangouts. Hangouts allow customers to interact directly with you over video or voice chat and you can speak to up to 9 customers at any given time. This means that in your free time you can answer their questions, resolve any issues and show that you care about what they think about your business. Because you are providing a personal, effective approach to your customer service, they are more likely to buy from you again.


Create “Circles” to Segment Followers

Circles are equivalent to what Groups are on Facebook, it’s a way of segmenting groups of followers who are interested in particular subjects, so that you can write content that is interesting relative to them. This improves the chance of getting +1s and reshares which are important to any Google Plus campaign.


Content on Google Plus

social-media-marketing-peopleHigh Quality Content on Google Plus gets indexed quicker than content posted on most other websites. This means that your posts can rank quickly and easily for your chosen keywords, and if your article contains a link to your website, it will obtain both link juice and traffic from the indexed posts. Including a link in multiple articles can be seen as spammy in the eyes of Google so we would recommend that you only use a link in your articles occasionally to get the most out of this.

Your website will also gain improved statistics if users of Google Plus share your content, as Google will view this as being relevant and important to lots of users.


Making Google Plus Effective for SEO

In order to make your Google Plus effective for SEO there are some handy tips you can follow to help you set up effectively:
• Use Google Authorship – Get the content you create to the top of Google by signing up for Google Authorship, as long as you have a genuine user profile it’s free and can help improve rankings and traffic.
• Use On-Page SEO tips such as Keyword Placement, use of headings and bold text when creating engaging posts.
• Make sure you use a professional author photo, profile picture for your business page and corporate cover image to show followers you are a legitimate business.
• Make sure you link your Google Places for Local Listings and include your site address in the Links Area to ensure you get the link juice from your Google Plus Profile
If you follow all these tips for creating a great Google Plus Profile for Customers and SEO alike, you are sure to become a success story on Google Plus in the future.