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Make your Website a Search Engine Champion with these SEO Tips and Tricks

Not all web design is born equal – just as not all boxers are born to do well in the ring – it takes training, learning of techniques and studying of the all-time greats to become truly effective.  Your website might have the stamina, the looks, the moves and the power to hit home some big sales, but without the right techniques, you could come a cropper up against a dark horse rival without even realising.  If you want to avoid your website being counted out, it’s time to consider how using SEO correctly can help you train your website to become a belt-winning champion.

Four SEO Tips for You! –

fighting seo tipsKnow your Indexing – and where to Hit it

Our First of many SEO tips involves getting your content ready for SEO isn’t just about what you show to the public – as Google will work hard behind the scenes of your website to pick apart the nitty gritty of your technique by scavenging in HTML, file descriptions, tags and otherwise – meaning that you’ll do best leaving no stone uncovered if you’re going for the title fight.  Name your images effectively – provide element descriptions in all tags, let Google know exactly what it is it’s looking at – think of Google at this stage to be like a talent scout – they know exactly what to look for, and if you’ve put all the attention on your main display and have left nothing to be desired in your indexing, you’ll be less likely to progress as a champion website.  Adding audio descriptions and navigation hints – as well as auto-fill ideas – will only bolster your performance.


Killer Keywords

One of the most important SEO Tips, keywords. Keywords are the bread and butter of good SEO, and they’re essentially the bout-winning moves that will help you climb Google’s rankings.  However, using too much of the same magic will allow your website to come across as stale and forced – think of your website as like a boxer that uses the same techniques, over and over again – their opponent will get wise to their tricks and they will be left wide open to attack.  Stuffing your content with overuse of certain keywords and phrases is a golden no-no – it will earn you no points with Google, as they will assume your content to be forced, rather than organic – and nobody likes relying on judges’ points, do they?


Here you see organic seo resultsLink your Moves Carefully – Make Google want to Find you

Google doesn’t crawl for web content manually – it sends out webcrawlers – think of them like talent scouts, sneakily checking out the competition and looking for the next big champion.  These little crawlers don’t think like you and I, meaning that they won’t have the thought process to navigate a website like a human being would.  This means that you need to make sure that your website is cleanly and easily mapped, showing all your moves to the scouts as visibly as possible.  Linking to several pages from your homepage will work wonders – particularly if you provide them in the HTML of your main body of content – and providing that you offer a handful of relevant links that lead elsewhere within your website, it will be a sure thing that a webcrawler will be able to automatically index and identify each and every page of content you have to offer.  With all your moves and techniques on display, you don’t have to pull any punches – as Google will understand to highlight your potentially champion website to all and sundry.


Dodging Duplication

One element to your technique that you may not have considered is the element of duplication.  SEO works on the basis of there being one original piece of content to be picked up on by Google’s automated crawlers – which means that some websites which may hold similar or duplicate pages could end up undoing a lot of work behind the scenes.  Duplicate pages can be avoided in a number of ways – the easiest way, of course, is to ensure that you have consistently fresh and varied content throughout your site – meaning that you will then have little to worry about when Google comes to scour and index your website’s content in detail.

Another technique, however, is to use redirection – which can be done via a tag or a simple redirect function which will allow Google to understand that only one page is worth highlighting, and that the others should not be taken into account in the whole of the final listing and score.  Some websites have been knocked out and down the rankings by Google’s automated crawlers picking up on duplication within their content – particularly if there are a number of similar pages – which is why it is all the more important to get the big G to understand that your website is the one and only – no imitations!


Becoming an SEO Champion

search-engine-championGetting SEO right first time on your own is a task we don’t expect anyone to undertake.  While we’ve run through a number of SEO tips and techniques you can use to train your website to be amongst the world’s best, there is only so much training that you can undergo yourself.  Your website may be fit, ready and willing to face up to its opponents and show Google who’s boss, but are you sure that it has the right optimisation, HTML and tag content to be able to fight with the best of them?

Consider SEO Co Pilot to be the trainer that you’re looking for.  We’ll tool your website up with the moves, the jabs, the content and will make sure that it has all bases covered – no matter the opponent, no matter the height of Google’s rankings.  With us in your corner, we can help push on and revitalise your web content so that it’s ready to take on round after round with the big G and your competitors – and within no time at all, you’ll forget you even had a towel to throw in.  Fancy your website as the ‘Rocky’ of search results?  Contact us today and we’ll get your content and web design fighting fit in no time at all.

Guy Tomlinson

Guy Tomlinson is the owner and founder of SEO CoPilot Ltd. As an organic SEO specialist and SEO trainer with over 15 years of experience, he has the knowledge when it comes to helping small businesses succeed online – and shares his expertise through SEO CoPilot’s blog (mentioned in Top SEO Blogs to Follow). Follow Guy’s profile on LinkedIn for more SEO Tips!
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