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Owner of SEO CoPilot Interviewed by Spire Radio

SEO CoPilot were kindly asked to feature in an interview by Spire Radio which was a live broadcast on the 6th February 2018, where we spoke about Search Engine Optimisation and how it impacts businesses online – which we were honoured to be a part of!
In this interview we got the opportunity to share some of the tips and techniques we use to help our clients’ websites rank in the top positions of Google, and show how hard we work at SEO CoPilot to do the job right.

Listen to the Spire Radio interview here:

The basics of SEO

In the interview Guy (SEO CoPilot owner) talked about how there are over 3 trillion webpages on the internet! This means that there is almost endless competition for most business sectors, and it is important that you take the measures needed to outsmart your competition online.
Search engines are a way of organising web pages so they can be easily found, and Google (the most widely used search engine) uses their Google Bot software to scan all of the web pages, and then uses its Algorithm to figure out the most relevant web pages to show for any search request. Google takes into consideration over 200 different signals before deciding where a webpage should rank, which is why SEO is not an easy job! Using an SEO professional is the best way of getting to the top positions and staying there for your niche, this allows you to be seen as an Authority in your industry.

How SEO has changed over the years

SEO methods are constantly having to be adapted as Google brings out new updates, which change the way webpages rank.
In the early days of SEO, there were many black hat (unethical) SEO techniques, such as keyword stuffing and low-quality spam backlinking techniques – which were used by many businesses to get high ranking positions. This was of course a problem, as the most relevant webpages were not necessarily the ones which showed up first, and people weren’t getting the quality results they were looking for.
In the last few years, Google has carried out many more extensive tests to sort the high-quality websites from the low-quality ones which were manipulating the search results. Google will also penalise you for using black hat techniques, and you could actually end up ranking much lower – and here at SEO CoPilot, you can rest assured that we never carry out unethical techniques which are against Google’s guidelines.

So how can you optimise your site for ranking on Google?

There are many aspects that need to be considered when trying to achieve good SEO (as mentioned previously, over 200!). This makes it a very difficult task to achieve without professional help, especially when you’re trying to run your business as well as balancing everything else. We talked about a couple of techniques we use to increase ranking positions for our clients in the interview, but we will go into a little more detail.
Firstly, content. You need to ensure that you are uploading fresh quality and unique content regularly to show that your site is active, and you are adding value to the Internet. This can be achieved by having a blog feed on your site and publishing regularly.
Social media has gained importance over the last few years too, meaning that having pages on popular social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Linkedin can help your site to rank. This is because the more indications your webpage has (including it being shared socially), the more authority your webpage will have according to Google.

Owner of SEO CoPilot Interviewed by Spire Radio


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