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What Is Website Development?

Website development is, collectively, the systems which we build into your website to improve usability and user experience. E-commerce isn’t complete when websites are built; therefore, to make these sites truly effective there are a number of processes we go through both in and out of the site.

Websites need SEO in order to be found on search engines and one of the most natural ways to optimise your website is to emphasise a great user experience. Positive user experience is when a user clicks on your site, finds exactly what they’re looking for, finds the site easy to navigate, bookmarks it for future use, shares it on social media and, of course, converts in to a customer.

The development we implement on your website is all aimed at improving experience for users. We design our sites so that you get more and more business, from your first users converting until you see your users multiplying as your SEO improves and your Google ranking increases. By combining design and development, we create websites which look impressive and have all the elements needed to guide your visitors to a point of purchase.


Website Development and Its Use in E-Commerce Websites

Website development is particularly important on e-commerce sites as they increase the number of conversions you receive.

We can build a number of features on websites to improve usability, including:

  • Shopping Carts – Very useful for e-commerce sites where you can buy a variety of products. A shopping cart negates the need for users to purchase each item individually, they can put things in their cart as they go and review their order at the end. This makes your website more convenient for them, so they are likely to spend more money with you. Combining this with customer login areas ensures that your website visitors never lose the items they have added to their shopping cart.
  • Contact Forms – this a brilliant tool for services and bookings. Again, it’s all about convenience and this works in your favour too. By using a contact form to request a call back or register interest, users are presenting you with up front information about what they’re looking for, so you can answer their query quicker.
  • Mobile Responsive Design – This ensures that the layout of your website adapts based on the size of the screen it is being viewed on. It is an important feature to have on any website as it allows all visitors to see your website in a way which is user friendly – very important as over 50% of website traffic worldwide is now generated by mobile phones.
  • Slide Shows – These are great interactive tools, perfect for websites needing to explain more complicated information to their users. Users too appreciate the information coming in an easily digestible form, which they can peruse at their leisure.

Website development is an important part of your website. It’s a brilliant way of increasing your SEO organically as well as converting more clicks in to sales. Here at SEO CoPilot we build and design every website to be bespoke to your needs. Talk to us and we can decide together what the best development strategies are for you.

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