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What Is Responsive Web Design?

A Dynamically Adjusting Design for Mobile Devices

A responsive web design is built to dynamically adjust to be easily viewed and navigated using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones; mobile browsing is increasing at a rapid pace and if you haven’t got a responsive website you are most probably losing out on sales and customers.

Non-responsive web design built specifically for computers do not translate well on the screens of smaller devices. They’re harder to see and navigate which means you’re less likely to see conversions from device viewers and that’s exactly what you don’t want.


Responsive Website Design in Practice

A responsive website design means that when a user clicks on your website using their smart phone or tablet, your website is optimised for those screens. Because the screens of devices are so much smaller, especially smart phones, our responsive websites are designed for ultimate ease of use across them.

So what changes? Well, instead of your home page from your computer website, on a device we might use a hero shot and if you scroll down you’ll see an enlarged, vertical navigation. The navigation on your computer website would display far too small on other devices, this would makes it difficult to see and even click, since when using devices most people use their fingers rather than a cursor. Clicking little links with your finger isn’t often very accurate, so unless you zoom in, you’re likely to click the link next to the one you meant to press and, naturally, users find this frustrating. By changing the position and size of your navigation, your website becomes easier to use and will convert more visitors into paying customers!

Another part of your website we alter to be responsive is your call to action. We know that this is the most important part of your website, as this is where your business comes from. So when we design your responsive website, we move your call to action in to a position of maximum impact and rejig it so it’s even easier for users to click and become your customers.


Responsive Website Design Benefits

Responsive website design is so important to your business. More and more people are browsing on their phones and iPads instead of on their computers. Think about it, when you’re in front of the TV or sitting in bed, it’s so much more convenient to look on your phone than reach for your laptop. Phones and tablets are also more portable and users frequently browse online when they’re out and about.

This means that any potential customer is just as likely, if not more so, to come across your website on their device. So if your website isn’t responsive, it’s harder to use and therefore harder to contact or buy with you. You want to make conversions as easy as possible to complete, which is why we design your responsive website. Without a responsive website, you’re actively losing business because you’re making it difficult for your customers. In fact, contacting you on a mobile phone is even easier than on the computer, all a user needs to do is select your number and press call. How’s that for convenient?

Responsive website design is especially crucial to any e-commerce website. Devices are taking over and our responsive websites increase your business by optimising your website on every platform, and an optimised website means easy conversions.

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