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What Does Website Redesign Involve?

Website redesign is the process of taking your present, outdated website and updating it to meet current standards. Older websites often load slowly, have outdated methods and a poor design, all of which lower your ranking on Google and give your website poor usability.

Having a good, attractive, working website is crucial to your business. We redesign your site so that users can easily find what they’re looking for which improves your click to conversion rate, giving you more paying customers. This in turn plays its part in improving your Google rankings.


Is Website Redesign for Me?

Website redesign works the most effectively on websites which need to improve their business potential but do not have a bad reputation with search engines. Old websites can build negative reputations by unknowingly breaking Google’s rules in terms of SEO, user experience and by acquiring toxic links.

We always assess your current website before we start the redesign process and this will flag up any reputation issues. If your reputation is okay, or redeemable, then redesign is the best and most cost effective way to improve your online business. However, if your online reputation is too tarnished, then it could be more effective to have a whole new website and start with a fresh slate. Building your reputation with Google is a long process but when you’re building it from negative, rather than nothing, it can be incredibly expensive and not always repairable. Search engines follow an algorithm, you can’t use reason to repair your reputation, it works purely on data. This is why starting from scratch is often more effective, but not always required. Having a good reputation with search engines is crucial in getting you new business online, both redesign and a new website will help this no end.


What Will My Website Redesign Look Like?

Website redesign can vary depending on the state of your current website. In some cases, changes won’t be drastic – we might just fix your navigation bar and arrange your website in a more user friendly way, making little changes here and there to improve the over all experience. In other cases, all that will remain of your old website will be the url and the company name. If your website isn’t a responsive web design we can look to implement this for you as part of the redesign project.

Website design is crucial to the success of an e-Commerce site and we will advise you over the changes that need to be made to maximise your business potential. We will redesign your website to make it aesthetically pleasing, easy for users to navigate and process information, with striking calls to action to get you those customers.

Website redesign with us at SEO CoPilot is a joint effort to improve your web profile and generate more business online. We have years of experience designing websites to maximise user experience and click to conversion rate. Give us a call or email and we’ll audit your current website and show you where you could improve to get more business.

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