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SEO CoPilot and Fossil Fuellers Sponsorship 2017

Developing Brand Awareness

Fossil Fuellers Sponsorship

Photos provided by Paul from SBI Photography

It’s becoming increasingly important to develop brand awareness in a competitive market, and creating a name for yourself is what sets you apart from the rest. What better way to do that, than become sponsors of a popular Santa Pod racer and be featured in the local S40 magazine.

So, last week the team at SEO CoPilot travelled down to Chesterfield Town Hall to do a photoshoot with Ian Crichlow of Fossil Fuellers. Our relationship with Ian begun when he teamed up with CoPilot to have a website redesign and SEO campaign for his business ‘Merlin Fibreglass’, from there we learned that Ian was part of a Santa Pod raceway team and was willing to be sponsored by us and have his bike redesigned to represent our brand. This is why we thought it would be a great idea to include Ian and his bike in our team photos.

CoPilot’s Photoshoot

Using the architecture of this building as a backdrop really fitted with the professionalism of our brand and was a great place to get some quality photos for our site and the S40 magazine. This shoot also represented the chance for us to see Ian’s new super bike, painted up in our company colours, including the logo and name, looking smart, stylish and ready to be shown off on the race track. It wasn’t long before our shoot was drawing attention, and people became interested in the bike as well as SEO CoPilot and what we do as a business.

The SEO CoPilot team are now planning on traveling down to Santa Pod for a weekend, and seeing Ian’s CoPilot Super Bike in action. It won’t be hard to miss us either, as we’ve designed some stylish hoodies to wear, sporting the CoPilot Brand as well as Ian’s Fossil Fuellers logo. And if you’re interested, we’ll be handing out flyers for our brand, letting you know how you can get your business from 0 to 60 in the fastest, and most professional way possible!

S40 Magazine Article

For those who would like to find out more about CoPilot and Ian’s relationship, S40 plan on publishing an article based around us in one of their upcoming magazines which you will be able to pick up shortly. We’re sure they’ll have some great information and pictures of the event for you to check out.

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