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Social Media Marketing and Why it’s Important

Social media marketing is viewed as the second most effective tactic in the world of digital marketing so make sure you don’t get left behind when it comes to taking advantage of using social networks to improve your business!

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important

With over 2 billion internet users having active social media accounts, popular social networking sites have become a successful way for businesses to gain website traffic, increase customer reach and broaden brand exposure making it easier to spread the word about your products and services.

The goal of social media marketing is to produce content that readers will share and like within their own social media networks, and with 500 million tweets per day, 4 million Facebook likes every minute, and 80 million photos shared on an average day on Instagram, you can see the potential.

While social media doesn’t directly increase SEO, over time, by building a strong social media presence, increasing website traffic and attention through social media sites will significantly influence your SEO ranking. By driving traffic to your website, your SEO rankings will climb much faster in the search engine results.

Social Media Marketing and Why it’s Important


How To Use Social Media For Marketing

There are many different social media networks available but that doesn’t mean you have to use them all as your needs will vary depending on products, services and market. The most popular networks being Facebook, Twitter and Google+, are all great platforms for social media marketing, others such as YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram can all contribute to building the ideal digital marketing package to promote your business online.


With over 1 billion daily active users, Facebook is without a doubt the biggest social network around. Having users like and share your page will increase exposure and begin building your reputation­ as a business. Each post that is shared is introduced to a new network of individuals, widening your audience and potential customers.


Twitter is ideal for broadcasting your current updates and engaging with potential customers. Although you may not reach as many customers as you would on Facebook, as a great marketing tool, you can tweet your news and all your followers will instantly know about it.

Google +

Having 3 million active users, Google+ is not to be ignored. Not only that, but Google loves Google+! Posting content to your Google+ page can rank in search results in instances improving SEO for your business.


Don’t dismiss the power of YouTube, the number 1 place for video content. Whether you’re advertising your products and services or creating how-to’s, marketing your business on YouTube will help increase the authority of your website, therefore increasing your rankings on Google.


Where Facebook, Twitter and Google+ offer a more casual approach to social marketing, LinkedIn is more about building connections and networking on a professional level. With the number of users currently standing at 467 million, LinkedIn is a social platform you can’t ignore.


Instagram is a great way to showcase your business, marketing your brand through visual content. With over 300 million users, this is the perfect way to increase sales and traffic to your website.

How Social Media Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

By taking that step into the world of social media marketing, you can increase the exposure of your business, worldwide. Not only does having a social media presence increase brand awareness, increase digital exposure as well as increase sales and traffic to your website boosting search engine rankings, you can build a network of loyal and active customers opening up the possibilities of new customers finding you online. If you’d like to know more about social media marketing contact SEO CoPilot today on 01246 540869