January 5th, 2017 in 2017, Algorithms, SEO

RankBrain: What Does It Mean For SEO In 2017?

Anyone who knows more than a little about the comings and goings of SEO trends and Google algorithm changes will already be more than ready for regular shifts in the search results landscape year in, year out.  Case in point: Google recently advised that they would be helping to highlight websites that are considered mobile-friendly – and those which lay pop ups on top of their main content could also find themselves penalised in the search results months to come.  It’s safe to say, then, that Google is constantly moving with the browsing landscape, always on the lookout to find new ways to make user experiences that little bit easier.

Therefore, we think it’s important to start taking a closer look at one of Google’s most important, and influential, hidden elements – particularly as it could be set to come into its own in a big way in the months to come.  It’s known as RankBrain – and while you may not have seen it in action, it’s been helping to refine and order your search results since early 2015.

Artificial intelligence moving forward

RankBrain is, essentially, artificial intelligence – it’s a clever piece of machine learning that works behind the scenes to help make less common searches yield better results for Google’s users.  It should be noted that, out of the approximate three billion searches Google processes per day, around 15% of these searches have never been processed before – which is a rather incredible statistic when you think about it!  While 15% is rather low, it does still mean that Google has no exact answers for around 450 million different queries!  This, naturally, has posed something of a challenge for Google, who have of course tackled the issue head-on by developing RankBrain.

Mathematically increasing the accuracy of search queries

RankBrain works behind the scenes to mathematically link potential answers to queries that have never been processed before.  This is put into action to ensure that searchers can get as an accurate a response to their query as possible, regardless of whether or not they have asked before.  This way, Google is attempting to ensure that all queries, some day, will be answered – it’s a grand dream!

Stop dabbling and start doing!

But how will RankBrain affect SEO, and what does it mean for 2017?  SEO, of course, thrives on mathematics of one flavour or another – meaning that every algorithm change brings its own set of changes for those who dabble in keywords.  However, it should be noted that RankBrain’s presence isn’t set to threaten your web content directly providing that you continue to observe good practice – meaning that, as with recent changes in Google’s algorithms have dictated, a focus upon organic, fulfilling content is the way forward.  The reasons for stuffing keywords left right and centre continue to fade – as the algorithms become more flexible, so should your content.  Stuffy, solid walls of text are not going to roll with Google’s punches.



So what will 2017 hold for SEO and RankBrain?  It’s not so easy to say – but you can be assured that as it continues to analyse and report for the big G, it will continue to have a heavy bearing on the way that your website is seen and perceived by the public.  Therefore, there really has been no better time to make sure your web content is SEO healthy for the year ahead. We will keep you updated on any requirements for SEO in 2017 so watch this space, so stay calm and keep connected with SEO CoPilot!

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