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SEO Workshops

What will the SEO workshops involve?

Our SEO workshops are for up to 12 people, and are designed to be interactive and fun while still teaching you key SEO techniques to use going forward. We want to demystify the confusion you may have when it comes to SEO, and give you the basic understanding you need to implement the techniques we teach you and to improve your sales and enquiries.

During our SEO lessons, we will work together through an interactive workbook, where you will be asked to complete questions based on the information I give you. This is not to test or pressure you, but to ensure that you are getting the most out of the session and to provide you with notes to take with you afterwards.


Who are our digital marketing and SEO courses aimed at?

It is often business owners and their team that benefit the most from the SEO and internet marketing courses we provide, as the techniques discussed and tried out in the sessions can then be implemented into their business.

Having said this, we welcome anyone who is interested in finding out more about SEO – whether you are thinking of setting up your own business but haven’t yet, or are a website designer/developer or digital marketing professional wanting to expand your breadth of knowledge.


Learn through interactivity

We strongly believe that the best way to learn something new is by trying it out for yourself, which is why avoid death by PowerPoint! Our sessions are more of an SEO tutorial than a classroom setup, meaning we make our SEO training as interactive as possible and encourage involvement from participants.

Attend one of our SEO workshops and you will get to find areas of improvement on your own website, and learn how to use free online tools to help with aspects of your SEO.

We know that SEO can be daunting for beginners, so we will not leave you feeling like you’ve been thrown in the deep end after our sessions – we will help you to come up with an SEO plan moving forward. You will leave our SEO lessons with a clear understanding of which techniques you can implement yourself, and where you might need help from a professional.

You will also be able to take home your workbook and additional materials to help you remember what we went through in the session.


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