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In House SEO Training

SEO training program for you and your staff

If you own a business and have 6 or more staff members that would benefit from learning SEO techniques, you can benefit from our in house SEO training sessions. By having a team of people in house with SEO knowledge, you can improve your search engine rankings and therefore increase enquiries and sales.

Perhaps you’ve used SEO companies before and feel let down by the services they have provided, not receiving the results you hoped for. Save money and wasted time by gaining the SEO knowledge you and your team need to be able to get results.


Learn techniques from basic SEO training to advanced skills

If you have no previous SEO knowledge and are looking for SEO for beginners, we can tailor your first session to focus on basic SEO training. This will give you the knowledge you need to start implementing some of the demonstrated techniques into your own business.

Should you feel like you want to find out more and get into the more advanced aspects of SEO, we can then arrange a follow up session (either in house again, by attending one of our SEO workshops, or a more tailored one to one SEO training session).

Follow up with one to one SEO training

Once you and your staff know the basics of SEO and how to get results through our in house SEO training session, you may want some of your staff members to focus specifically on SEO related to their job role. For example, you may have an in-house copywriter and think they could benefit from learning about how to combine content writing and SEO.

We can then design a bespoke session for them, focussing specifically on the methods of creating SEO optimised content and tools that will benefit them in their job role.

These one to one SEO and internet marketing training sessions can be arranged for as many team members as you think would benefit from our expertise.

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Do you have a business in Chesterfield, Sheffield, Derby or the surrounding areas and think you could benefit from in house SEO training? Get in touch!

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