October 2nd, 2018 in Blog

The Upcoming SEO Trends for 2019

Search engine optimisation is something which has needed to evolve over several years – take it from us! This isn’t just thanks to the various algorithm changes that Google makes behind the scenes, but is also as a result of big changes in the way we browse and use the internet in general. Optimising your website and social media strategy for the year to come is only going to be so easy with the right tools, ideas and people by your side – and as we’ve always got our fingers on the pulse of SEO and any changes which are likely to come into effect in the future, we’ve compiled a list of current and approaching SEO trends which we are confident you’ll be reliant upon for driving traffic and engagement for the year ahead.

1. The Power of Search Intent

While SEO, at least on a keyword basis, has largely been traditionally based around a face-on interpretation of what certain phrases mean, search intent is likely to play a big role in strategies moving forward. This means that, instead of taking the intent of a set of keywords or phrase at face value, you will instead be aiming to capture the specific intent of the searcher – understanding the meaning behind search terms and the way they are input is already having a huge bearing upon Google’s algorithms and, as such, it is likely going to mean that certain websites will need to start thinking more outside the box when it comes to capturing specific interest from specific people.

We’re going to need to understand what searchers are intending to find when they use engines such as Google – this is going to be a large focus of our own development moving into 2019, and as such, we are going to need to start focusing on advanced needs beyond simple keywords and other factors. This is evolution of SEO that is to be expected – and as Google is set to get smarter about the results it delivers to searchers, it is high time websites started focusing on more relevant content and targeting for the years to come.

2. Are You an Authority?

Part of the magic of SEO lies in the strategy of building your content to shape your online profile – your aim, ultimately, is to be recognised as an authority in your field or topic of interest, and to do this, you are going to need to create incredibly engaging material. Content and copy which engages readers is that which is both interesting and useful – and which can be linked back to by many other sites to establish you as an authority online. Attracting organic search success in 2019 will be all about building your presence with genuine, informative material which users will engage with and will find links to across the web. It’s a process that can take time – but with the right team to support you, and with enough effort and patience, there’s no reason why you can’t regularly create useful and linkable content well into next year and beyond.

3. Siri and Alexa are Taking Over Searches

There is a common misconception circulating regarding voice search – that it’s considered a fad. It really isn’t – in fact, its popularity has been creeping up in the background to the extent that no true SEO professional can afford to ignore it. Voice searches are predicted to expand to almost half of all searches within just a few years – largely thanks to the rise of devices such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa assistants – and this, of course, means thinking smarter than ever with regard to how SEO comes into play.

Content will need to become more directly informative – to directly answer questions – and it will likely need to adopt a more conversational, less obtuse tone, should any related queries arrive from a voice device. Google is expanding and is ever-learning to understand searcher intent and context better than ever before – which means, at the other end of things, you are going to need to consider how effectively you are answering search queries – and whether or not you are offering worthwhile, engaging responses. Focusing on your local SEO and keeping a close eye on future changes to Google Search Console will greatly prepare you for waves of change across 2019 and beyond.

4. Longer Content = Longer Page Sessions

While, in this day and age, you may assume that brevity performs better overall than long-windedness, studies are showing that content reaching into the quadruple figures has more chance of engaging with organic searchers and therefore traffic – long-form content which offers genuine usefulness and appeal will be more likely to be linked back to, and will likely hold reader attention for longer if written well and with their enjoyment and use in mind. Rankings for pages with longer content tend to perform better than those offering shorter spiel – especially when it comes to the organic crowd.

Long-form content will work well in terms of keeping readers on-page simply because – and it’s fairly obvious – they will be spending more time reading what you have to say than on shorter pages! Therefore, looking at writing extensively on big topics, avoiding niches wherever possible, will likely draw in rolling interest – and the crucial factor is, it will keep people with you on-site so that you’re lowering your risk of that ‘back’ button getting pressed.

5. Visual Aids Work Wonders

Yes – embedding media via web page is nothing new, however, there’s little denying the power of the growth of video in terms of entertainment and information value. It’s thought that, in just a few years, 82% of internet traffic from a consumer angle will head straight for simple, easily-consumable video content. This, of course, means that – if you’re not already offering your readers and visitors the chance to learn more about what you do through video presentation or otherwise, you stand to miss out on a sizeable slice of the pie.

Whether you set up a YouTube channel or offer regular video updates which you can embed on-site, consider things from your readers’ perspective – watching video content is easy – whether you’re informing, entertaining or selling products, this form of direct approach is hugely effective with a large slice of the market.

6. Social Media Remains a Driving Force

While the waves of social media seem to ebb and flow – Facebook’s recent woes in the press come to mind – all the major networks remain hugely popular, and therefore lucrative for businesses

and brands to take advantage of. As part of any effective web strategy moving forward, you should always strive to incorporate a healthy and regular social media presence in order

to attract and to engage with as many people as possible. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn – or even all four – you stand to mix with an elite crowd in the search rankings if you keep all channels ticking over. You can even combine our points about video, too, with social media – by using services such as YouTube and Instagram to really make a difference.

If you’re interested in what 2019 has to hold for you and your brand – but aren’t sure where you’re going in terms of SEO – let the team at SEO CoPilot be your eyes and ears! Call us today on 01246 556565 for a free consultation at your convenience.