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SEO website content writing service

SEO, social media, and online success all point to one common factor that is quality content. It has frequently been said that “content is king”, and even if it may seem overused as a statement, it is still indeed very true.

The web pages that dominate search results pages have one thing very clearly in common: good content. It is easy to get so caught up in SEO factors, such as PageRank, Domain age, backlinks etc that you could actually forget your site’s content. Google is incredibly strict about good content however, and it is now very obvious that poor quality content will damage your reputation as well as your business. Website content that is informative, interesting, witty and relevant will show Google that your website knows its stuff and that will push your site forward as an authority in its field.

What is also more noticeable is the fact that those top-ranking webpages on Google are almost inevitably much better written than the majority of what is on the web. That shouldn’t come as a surprise of course, as the officials at Google regularly proclaim the importance of good website content. It makes sense that Google, the world’s wealthiest media company, doesn’t ignore the high standards of quality in the world of publishing.
So what makes successful on-page website content?

According to research, the top five pages for the most searched keywords all shared the following features;

1. Regular Updating: This means the website content was updated at least once every few weeks, usually more often though including weekly.
2. No Grammar and Spelling errors: In the best pages there were very few or no errors in the spelling and grammar and no page had more than three words that were misspelled words or more than four grammatical errors.
3. Brief Paragraphs: The best websites had brief paragraphs of1-4 sentences. There were few or even no long blocks of writing.
4. Use of Lists: Both numbered and bulleted lists of text formed a large part of the text.
5. The length of the sentences: These were primarily brief (10 words or fewer).Longer sentences were sprinkled throughout the text but weren’t clumped together.
6. Contextual relevance: This means the text contained considerable terms related to the keyword, as well as a host of stem variations of that keyword.

This text MUST be interesting, informative, and relevant to the product, service or information that you are providing

At SEO CoPilot we offer a range of options for the content of your website.

A keyboard with the word “Help” on it
Dont worry, help is at hand with SEO CoPilot’s content writing services.

If we are building a new website for you, we can sell your business in the best possible light, whilst adhering to the search engine guidelines. We will research your business, work closely with you to know as much as possible about your product and service and your vision. The aim of our content writing is to engage your visitors and encourage them to become your customers whilst using the latest optimisation techniques.

We also offer re-writes of existing websites. Following in-depth keyword research we will reassess the site to see what needs to be improved. We will then optimise it effectively and provide interesting, informative and semantic relevant content. This will provide you with a site that not only satisfies the search engine requirements in order for it to appear higher in the results pages but also importantly the new visitors to your website.

Regular fresh content for existing sites. You have read how important it is to update your website with good content, we are able to provide you with constant unique content that is relevant to your site, contains the correct optimisation and sells your products and services.
Content Management – We can write regular posts or blogs for your website. Many of our SEO packages include writing content to be published on the internet to benefit your site.

It cannot be overstated just how important it is to get a professional writer or at least a good writer to do your content. Boring, uninspiring content will simply get your visitors to hit the back button. If you do write your own content, ensure that it goes through a good copywriter before putting it on the internet. It is also essential that the content you use is original, as duplicate content is not seen favourably by the search engines and can harm your website.

In short, if you have an established mature website that is already indexed and getting traffic, you should ensure that most of your investment is dedicated to adding fresh content. Remember, content is what convinces people to return to a website. It might even be what inspires a webmaster or another blogger to want to link to you. Furthermore, when you get links, it is what helps your content and website rank better within the search engines.

Here are some helpful content writing tools like Grammerly

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