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2015: The Year SEO Takes Over Earth

Ufo Flying on Earth at Night over FieldSEO isn’t new. In fact, for anyone whose business uses the internet, SEO is almost old hat. But old or new, you’re about to encounter it at every turn as we step into 2015. SEO hasn’t just invaded, it’s taken over. There’s no point fighting it, in fact SEO is our ally and we’re going to have to work together to be an unstoppable force in 2015.

(Pause for audible gasp).

Dramatic metaphors aside, Google isn’t actually the monster it can sometimes feel like. It isn’t making your life harder for the sake of it, it’s trying to make life better for internet users and this should be a goal that unites business, SEO and search engines.

Moving into 2015, Google’s algorithm is rapidly evolving, SEO practice is compensating and online businesses need to get on board or be left behind. So here’s what’s going on. Have a read or be left feeling sooo 2014.


The Mobile Generation: FaceTime Me Scotty

USS EnterpriseTwenty years ago the technology we have now would have seemed like something from Star Trek, something more 3015 than 2015. But our gadgets are here to stay and our handy portable devices like smart phones will be outrunning traditional web browsing by a country mile. You can’t getaway from the fact that mobile browsing is easy and convenient. Why would you get up and load your laptop when you can take your phone out of your pocket?

It’s become axiomatic that every business needs a website, well in 2015 that’s going to be equally true of a mobile responsive website. It’s not a choice or an added bonus, a mobile responsive website is absolutely essential for your business. Mobiles are convenient, if your website isn’t responsive it’s immediately inconvenient to users. The chances are they won’t then go and get their computer so they can look at your website. (Unless you’re selling something really cool like pieces of rainbow…)


social media marketing strategy Tweeting is Not Just for Birds

Social media is becoming increasingly less social and more business focused. By 2015 you can’t have a successful marketing strategy that doesn’t use social media. It’s now a built in part of a user’s day to day life: get up, yawn, check Facebook, Twitter, G+, brush teeth ….

Search Engine Algorithms are already using social media statistics to calculate your place on their rankings. Whether you want to or not, your business needs to get up and get social or get out of the way.


Sign with words Future next step. Referring to the future of SEOFollow Marty McFly Back to The Future

Link building has been a part of SEO practice for a long time now but in 2015 the focus is shifting from building to earning. I can hear those sighs of frustration but panic not. This is actually a shift back to earlier practice rather than an entirely new one.

In 2015, traditional PR and marketing strategies will be even more important when using the internet to increase your search engine ranking. Just like you want your client to be photographed with the right people, you want your website associating with the right websites. Tick all the right boxes, avoid ‘wrong-uns’ and you will be seen as an authority in your field and up your ranking will go.


To Put it in Context …. I Didn’t Mean it Like That!

Context is everything in life and the internet is no different. Stuffing a website with keywords padded with fluff hasn’t worked for quite some time and in 2015 your content had better be more relevant than ever.

Semantic search is improving, we’re getting ever closer to that point where search engines are smart enough to understand your text, rather than just matching words in a search query. Every page of your website needs to have on point copy, no waffle, no padding just top quality relevant material.


You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but you Can’t Make it Buy from your Website


A funny smiling horseConversion Rate Optimisation is everything. If you’re receiving millions of views with one or two conversions, funnily enough something is going very wrong. SEO and Conversion Rate Optimisation are best pals and they should always be seen hanging out together!

It’s absolutely not true that you can’t make the horse take the action you wish. If you make your options clear enough, you can direct users to what they need from you and why they should buy it from you. It’s all about guiding the way with big glaring road signs. (Unless of course it really is a horse, then there’s not a lot you can do).


SEO: It Just Gets Everywhere

SEO is the new kid in town and as such, it’s sitting alone at lunch, while the marketing department sit at one table and the Web Designers sit at another. But in 2015 SEO will be spreading itself out. SEO is a big deal and its presence is going to be felt across all departments in your business. You can’t fight the SEO takeover, you can’t isolate, you just have to run with it and watch your business flourish with its help.

SEO is your tool, you need it to be working for you everywhere possible. 2015 is going to require increased SEO training and general web savviness across your entire business. It’s not a speciality anymore, it’s a necessity.

The SEO invasion happened a long time ago but its presence is impossible to ignore from 2015. Resistance is futile.


And why resist? We’re not encountering a hostile take over, SEO is part of business evolution and now we need to adapt. Need help? Contact us at SEO CoPilot, then buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Guy Tomlinson

Guy Tomlinson is the owner and founder of SEO CoPilot Ltd. As an organic SEO specialist and SEO trainer with over 15 years of experience, he has the knowledge when it comes to helping small businesses succeed online – and shares his expertise through SEO CoPilot’s blog (mentioned in Top SEO Blogs to Follow). Follow Guy’s profile on LinkedIn for more SEO Tips!
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