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Brand Identity

Brand Identity

What Exactly Is It?

Your brand identity is how you present yourself to your customers, and how they recognise you as a brand. Not only does this make your business stand out from competition, it can also build up trust between you and your customers, encouraging repeat business. From your website to high-street shop, the packaging of products and the services you offer; your audience are looking for consistency through corporate identity. To achieve this, our graphic design team at SEO CoPilot will work on everything from your logo design to the packaging of your products, taking into consideration factors such as colour and font to best suit your business.


What Does It Include?

There are many elements which make up your brand identity, including your logo, brand colours, packaging and typography.

Logo Design
Having an attractive, eye-catching logo and using it consistently is important for getting across what your business does and the feel you want it to have. There are three main types of logo design – symbolic, wordmarks and combination marks – see our Logo Design page for more details on these or get in touch to speak with our experts on 01246 556565.

Brand Colours
Choosing the right colour for your business is essential because it is likely to be the first thing your customers notice when they visit your site or shop. Colours have a huge impact on an audience, and every colour has different connotations associated with it and can make people feel a certain way.

You should make sure your brand colour is consistent throughout your website, social media and other marketing materials, so that your customers and target audience can recognise you instantly. Without this, you could be attracting the wrong feelings and audience.

When selling physical products, your packaging is massively important for catching the eyes of your target audience. A professional design which stands out from the competition and fits in line with your website will help create recognised brand identity that your customers can easily relate to. Therefore, you can easily retain your existing customers who know your branding as well as catch others. Check out some of the packaging designs we have created below.

You may not think that your choice of font can impact on your customers purchasing decisions, but typography can actually be a powerful tool in any business sector. Different font styles can be an effective way to provoke a particular emotional response from your audience, and to represent your brand personality. For example, your choice of font could be used to create a luxurious, professional or fun feel to your brand, depending on what products or services you are selling.

Form/ Space
The shapes you use throughout your designs can have an impact on the feel of your brand. For example, soft edges may portray your brand as more creative and fun, whereas sharp edges gives a more serious impression. This works hand in hand with your choice of colour, which combined can portray the personality of your brand.


Why Is Each Aspect of Your Brand Identity Important?

Just one of these elements of brand identity is not enough to set your business apart from others and show your target audience what you are all about. Each aspect is equally as important and combined can create a strong brand personality which is recognisable and stands out to your target audience.

Want to find out more on how we can help you create the brand perfect for your company niche? Get in touch today with our friendly graphic design team on 01246 556565.

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