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Print Design

Print Design

What Does It Involve?

Print design involves creating designs which represent your brand, and are then printed onto material (whether it is paper, cardboard or plastic etc). At SEO CoPilot, we understand the importance of consistent branding for your business, which is why we combine our graphic design skills with our knowledge of branding to create stunning print design which meet your exact requirements.


Packaging Design

As a business owner selling physical products, it is important that your product packaging is representative of your brand – particularly if your products are being sold in stores. No matter what your product range consists of, you should opt for a packaging design which combines your brand colours and logo design to create a design which stands out to your potential customers and makes them want to buy from you.

Packaging design extends further than this, however, as it is very important to consider regulations regarding what needs to be written on your packaging. Depending on your product range, this could include ingredients, recommended dosage, age restrictions and volume/weight of the product.

We have the knowledge needed to create quality packaging for your products, through our print design service, which are aesthetically pleasing but also meet packaging guidelines.


Poster Design

It may be that you wish to include posters in your regular marketing campaigns, or maybe you have an upcoming event which you wish to promote – and posters remain a great way to do this! Either way, it is important to keep your poster design simple and professional – something that will get your point across without being overcrowded and losing people’s attention.

Our graphic design team have the expertise to create an impressive and simple poster design which will promote your brand or an event you are hosting.


Leaflet / Brochure Design

Despite the advance of technology and increased potential to promote your brand online, print design such as leaflets remain a popular and effective method of getting a message across to your target audience. If you are looking for a leaflet which shows off your products or services, or promotes a special offer, we can create something for you.

Similarly, brochures work to show potential customers what you offer, and it is equally important that these look impressive. The key difference between leaflets and brochures is that the latter is several pages long and goes into much more detail about your business.


Pop-Up Banner Design

When promoting yourself at networking events, it is important to have the right marketing materials to show people what your business offers and why it is unique from others. We have created pop up banners for many companies, including ourselves, which prove to be an effective way of reaching potential customers at events. For more information on pop up banners and why they are needed, get in contact with our graphic design team on 01246 556 565.


Business Card Design

Again, useful for networking events, business cards are a great way of giving potential customers your contact information on a small, handy piece of marketing material. These are great to offer people who already know about your business, and who have already shown an interest in using your products/services, as it is a reminder to get in contact with you regarding this.


Our Knowledge and Expertise

Here at SEO CoPilot, we pride ourselves on creating quality marketing materials through our print design services. Our graphic design team have the knowledge and expertise to bring your branding to life, and bring potential customers your way. To find out more about our range of services, or for any specialist design queries, get in contact with one of our friendly team today on 01246 556 565.

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