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Logo Design

What Does It Involve?

Your logo is a design which is used across all your website and advertising materials, and is a visual representation of your company which can be used by your target audience to recognise you as a brand.

The process of logo design uses shapes, images and/or text to create a design which is relevant to your business, what you offer your customers, and your brand personality. The logos we create at SEO CoPilot combine all of these elements, and have proved effective in creating strong branding for the companies we have worked for.


Why Are Logos Important?

Think of your logo as your chance to make a great first impression to potential customers of your business, show them what you have to offer and why they should choose you over your competitors. There may be particular shapes or symbols which are popular in logos in your industry, which is why you need a professional to come up with a logo which stands out from the rest, and shows visitors that you care about your brand image and want to be different. Our experienced team of graphic designers have the know-how to create you a logo which truly represents your brand personality.

A lot of industries rely on brand loyalty and repeat business, which is why a strong business logo design is so important, as it gives customers something to relate to and remember. It can create a feeling of familiarity which builds trust in your brand. Not only does a logo give a symbol of recognition to your business from the eyes of your ongoing customers, but an intriguing design also invites potential new customers to find out more about your products/services.


What Makes an Effective Logo?

A logo should be unique to your brand, so it is no good following your competitors designs and sticking with the norm. It should be simple but still effective in that it should convey the message and meaning behind your business. When creating logo designs, the team at SEO CoPilot ensure that your logo stands out from that of your competition, to give you a competitive advantage right from the word go.

It is important that your logo is versatile, in that it can be used across a range of different applications and still works effectively. For this reason, creating a logo yourself may not be the best option, and leaving it to a professional guarantees that your logo will be functional and will look great no matter where it is viewed. For more information on our business logo design services, get in contact with our Graphic Design team on 01246 556 565.


Types of Logo

There are 3 main types of logo which we offer at SEO CoPilot: Symbolic, Wordmarks and Combination Marks. Each can be effective but give a different look and are often dependant on the industry you operate in. If you are unsure about which logo type is the most suited to your business, our team are more than willing to use our expertise to give you all the information and guidance you need.

Symbolic Logos – This logo consists of just images/shapes, with no text. They can have a visual impact on your audience, because you are showing what your business does without the use of text. If you opt for a symbolic logo, you have to consider how your audience will interpret it, and the different ways it could be interpreted, to ensure that you create a logo which is suitable and relevant to your business.

Wordmarks – This type of logo is the opposite to a symbolic logo, in that it consists of text alone. These simple designs can be equally as effective as symbolic logos, think of Coca-Cola as an example. Wordmarks rely on typography to represent your business and portray your brand personality.

Combination Marks – This business logo design is a combination of the two previous types, in that it has both images and text. These are often a popular choice for less established businesses, so that they can get their business name out there. It is important not to over complicate your logo with too complicated images and too much text, as this could look over crowded and unprofessional.


Speak to Our Graphic Design Team…

There’s no need to worry if you are not yet sure which logo to choose, as our graphic design team are here to help you decide. If you want a logo which represents your brand in a positive way, shows your target audience what you do and why they should purchase from you; get in contact with our professional graphic design team who can take your idea and make it a reality. Call us on 01246 556 565.


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