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Logo Design

Logo Design

What Does Logo Design Involve?

Your logo is a design which is used across all your website and advertising materials, and is a visual representation of your company which can be used by your target audience to recognise you as a brand. This is known as brand identity and its essential that a good quality custom logo is part of your brand package, created by a reliable designer who can bring your ideas to life.

Creating logos with a graphics tablet


What Makes a Good Logo?

It’s important to understand that every logo is unique and generally includes aspects that are specific to the brand, the industry they operate in, target audience and the ‘tone’ that the company wants to convey from their branding.

Every aspect of your logo should be considered during the brainstorming process of your logo design, and the logo designer you opt for should assist you with coming up with a logo type, colours, shapes and/or font which match the message you are wanting to put across.

Generally, a good logo should be appealing to your target audience, distinctive from other brands, and most of all memorable. This is often easier said than done when you have no clue where to start, which is why we would always recommend speaking to professional logo designers before jumping onto a free logo creator online. Not only will this save you time and effort, it will also ensure you get the end product you’re after.

Bespoke logo design - company name and symbol using building as inspirationCombination mark logo - using both symbols and brand nameUnique logo designs for use on website, business cards, social media. Containing brand name and icon

It is also important to note that as well as a creative flair for bringing branding ideas to life, using the right software for the job is equally as important. Online logo design software is often very basic and doesn’t allow the flexibility that professional software does, however paying for such is usually quite expensive, not to mention the time you would need to spend learning how to use it if you didn’t have a background in it. Another reason to leave the designing to a professional!


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The process of logo design

The process of logo design uses shapes, images and/or text and fonts to produce a design which is relevant to your business, what you offer your customers, and your brand personality. The logo we will create for you at SEO CoPilot combine all of these elements, and have proved effective in creating strong branding for the companies we have worked for.

Thinking of ideas and attempting to create a logo yourself can be a daunting process, which is why our helpful and knowledgeable team are on hand to talk you through the process, share our expertise, and work alongside you to design logo ideas to suit your requirements.


reliable graphic designers - why use a logo design company


Why is Logo Design Important?

Think of your logo as your chance to make a great first impression to potential customers of your business, show them what you have to offer and why they should choose you over your competitors. There may be particular shapes or symbols which are popular in logos in your industry, which is why you need an expert to come up with a logo which stands out from the rest, and shows visitors that you care about your brand image and want to be different. Our experienced team of graphic designers have the know-how to create you a logo which truly represents your brand personality.

A lot of industries rely on brand loyalty and repeat business, which is why a strong company logo design is so important, as it gives customers something to relate to and remember. It can create a feeling of familiarity which builds trust in your brand. Not only does a logo give a symbol of recognition to your business from the eyes of your ongoing customers, but an intriguing design also invites potential new customers to find out more about your products/services.


Don’t fall foul of the free logo maker

We have all seen the adverts “free logo maker” or “create a logo” so it sounds very appealing however these will not do your brand any good moving forward. Logo maker designs often look cheap and they will not represent you correctly. You need a reliable logo designer to design you a custom logo. Although you are not up there with the big brands just yet I am sure you will agree that starting out with a professional logo will help set you off in the right direction.


Logo design versatility brand awareness from your website to social media

It is important that your logo is versatile, in that it can be used across a range of different applications and still works effectively. This could include but isn’t limited to your website, social media, business card, and other digital platforms. For this reason, creating a logo yourself may not be the best option, and leaving it to a professional guarantees that your logo will be functional and will look great no matter where it is viewed. For more information on our business logo design services, get in contact with our Graphic Design team on 01246 556 565.

Your company logo is an important part of your brand identity and as such it is important not to scrimp on the design of your company logo. The big brands on the high street understand the importance that their brand will carry, having potential customers recognise their brand with quality and good service is worth its weight in gold! If it good for the big name brands its good enough for the start up business.


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Types! Finding the Perfect logo for your business

There are 3 main types of logo: Symbolic, Wordmarks and Combination Marks. Each can be effective but give a different look and are often dependant on the industry you operate in. If you are unsure about which logo type is the most suited to your business, our team are more than willing to use our expertise to give you all the information and guidance you need.


Symbolic Logo Designs

Symbolic Logos – This logo consists of just images/shapes, with no text. They can have a visual impact on your audience, because you are showing what your business does without the use of text. If you opt for a symbolic logo, you have to consider how your audience will interpret it, and the different ways it could be interpreted, to ensure that you create a logo which is suitable and relevant to your business.


Wordmark Logo Design

Wordmarks – This type of logo is the opposite to a symbolic logo, in that it consists of text alone. These simple designs can be equally as effective as symbolic logos, think of Coca-Cola as an example. Wordmarks rely on typography to represent your business and portray your brand personality.

Wordmark logos - using text and font to create an impactful logo designWordmark logo - using company name, designed by reliable graphic designers at SEO CoPilot client logo - using both company name and subtle imagery

Combination Mark Logo Design

Combination Marks – This business logo design is a combination of the two previous types, in that it has both images and text. These are often a popular choice for less established businesses, so that they can get their business name out there. It is important not to over complicate your logo with too complicated images and too much text, as this could look over crowded and unprofessional.

Combination logo for Sweet Tops - simple but impactful logo style Combination and Symbolic logo design - using symbols in your logo  Combination logo - company name in a fun and modern logo style

Logo Creation services – Creating a professional logo for your business

For the creation of the perfect logo our team will work with you to break down the elements of your business.


Speak to Our Logo Design Team…

There’s no need to worry if you are not yet sure which logo design to choose, as our graphic design team are here to help you decide. If you want a logo which represents your brand in a positive way, shows your target audience what you do and why they should purchase from you; get in contact with our logo designers who can take your ideas and make it a reality. Call us on 01246 556 565.



What Makes an Effective Logo Design?

A logo should be unique to your brand, so it is no good following your competitors designs and sticking with the norm. It should be simple but still effective in that it should convey the message and meaning behind your business. When creating logo designs, the team at SEO CoPilot ensure that your logo stands out from that of your competition, to give you a competitive advantage right from the word go.

How do I choose a logo designer?

There are almost endless options out there when it comes to logo design companies, however you shouldn’t just opt for the first one you find. Your logo is at the forefront of your brand and every form of marketing you do, and if you are a start up business you should see it as an investment, as it’s always better to build the brand image you want right from the offset rather than thinking ‘this will do for now’.

The best indication of whether a company can be trusted is online reviews and word of mouth recommendations, so make sure you do your research rather than choosing the first company you come across, or the cheapest! You should also look for someone who takes the time to get to know your business, to ensure that you get a logo design which is tailored to you and suits your existing brand or the brand identity you are hoping to build.

Should you prepare anything before seeing a logo designer?

It is always good to have a few ideas in mind for your logo before reaching out to a designer. Whether you have the full logo planned out and just need to designer to bring it to life, or even if you just have a few colours in mind that you’d like included in the design – it’s all very helpful. Don’t feel like you can’t reach out to us with no ideas in mind, however, as we are here to give you the advice you need – we can talk you through your business, your target audience and what you are aiming to achieve from your logo. By combining our expertise and your in depth knowledge of your brand, we are confident we can create you a logo with impact.

How long does Logo Design take?

The time it takes to come up with your perfect logo depends on a lot of factors, not just which company you decide to opt for. Whether or not you have ideas in mind beforehand will impact the time it takes, as there is always research time involved for our designers, however if you have an idea (or a few ideas) you want us to stick to we can just work from that to create variations, minimising the research necessary.

Another factor to consider when it comes to how long the process will take is whether you want any changes making to the designs, or to take a different angle when it comes to the design. We are more than happy to accommodate any tweaks or redesigns, however this makes it difficult to put an estimation on how long the full process will take.

What is the cost of Logo Design?

Again the cost of logo design will be different from one company to another, and will also depend on other factors including:

  • The amount of time needed to carry out market research
  • The complexity of the design
  • The number of variations required
  • Any edits that need to be made to the original logo drafts

Can I make changes to my logo?

When working with the team at SEO CoPilot on your designs, we try to be as flexible as possible and accommodate any changes to ensure you are completely happy with your logo design. After all, it’s arguably the most important aspect of your brand identity!

We have never failed to deliver a logo for a client that they are happy with, however if for whatever reason we have to keep revisiting the designs and coming up with new ideas to find one you are happy with, we will let you know of any additional charges should it come to this.

Will I be updated along the way?

At SEO CoPilot, we use an online portal to communicate with all our clients, this enables us to keep you updated on the progress of your logo and communicate with you throughout the process. Keeping all communications with you in one place allows you to easily ask our team any questions you may have, and keeps all messages and documents in one simple collaboration tool to avoid any confusion along the way.

Will I receive logo variations?

Yes. Our team want to make sure you are 100% happy with the logo we design for you, which is why we always provide our clients with different concepts of logos to choose from. Of course, you are still able to ask for slight changes to colours, fonts, layout etc. before confirming you’re final design.

Once we’ve designed the perfect logo for your brand, we will provide you with files containing your logo in different file formats, as well as (if appropriate to the design) variations to go on both a dark and light background.

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